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Why you should keep video conferencing when you are back in the office

When we look back on 2020 and 2021 in years to come, one of the first things that will spring to mind will be video calls. They were such a universal experience in so many of our lives that “you’re on mute” was included as part of London’s New Year’s Eve Fireworks display. During lockdown these services provided so much functionality but now that most teams are back in the office, should they still be used prominently? At YTL, we believe the answer to this question is yes.

Video conferencing can enhance nearly every area of your business. From sales to customer service, technical support, and internal communication. Although not all these areas will apply to every business, we reckon at least some will be relevant to you. The success of your video conferences will be based on two things though; first, is which service you use to communicate, and second is how you make the most of it. This blog is designed to help you understand how you can best use video conferencing to enhance your business now and into the future.

Enhance your customer service process

Maintaining a great relationship with each of your customers is important to providing the best service, if you know them and understand their unique requirements, everything goes a lot smoother. Video conferencing can help here.

According to HubSpot, the most common complaint that customers have when dealing with any business’ customer service team is repeating themselves to multiple operatives. Incorporating video conferencing into your customer service massively alleviates this issue. With video conferencing customers are greeted by a real person. From here they can develop rapport and better explain the query that they need solving.

Enhancing your customer service process using video conferencing is a great way to develop your brand identity and operational efficiency, but requires a professional solution. Consumer-grade services won’t cut it. Our UC Cloud platform integrates alongside CRMs, so you can initiate video calls straight from your database.

You can even host video conferences with your customers directly through your website! Our new Webchat service gives both new and existing customers a direct line to your team. These chats are a fantastic way to show your worth to these customers. Escalating to a video conference can take this service to the next level.

Discover Remote Sales

The sales pitch is one of the most essential processes for so many businesses, and it is one that has generally not been affected by technological advancements. You meet a customer, show them what you have to offer, they say yes or no. Remote sales changes this.

With a remote sales process your salespeople no longer must travel to customers to pitch products, nor do they need to wine and dine them. Remote sales involve carrying out the entire sales pitch through video conferences. From initial greetings to product demonstrations to aftercare. This allows your team to maximise their productivity and speeds up the sales process for your customers. Video conferencing is the ideal service to power remote sales. Our UC Cloud service allows you to screenshare in real time with customers, ideal for demonstrations or sales pitches.

We know that remote sales won’t be for everyone, but this practice has some huge benefits and is growing in popularity. If you’re considering this it is worth looking at your connectivity first. To carry your entire business on the back of video calls requires a business grade internet connection, visit our website to find out more.

Support and collaboration, give staff a clear picture

Internal team collaboration is probably the best-known use of video conferencing services. Team calls were commonplace in the last 18 months and for good reason. They provided a brilliant way for teams to keep up the motivation, teamwork and morale that is normally provided by an office environment. We believe this can continue even as teams return to the office.

Maintaining a flexible working plan is a great way to protect your business if your office is inaccessible for any reason. This flexibility is best supported by video conferencing. Similarly, allowing your staff to work from home full or part time has been shown to improve morale and staff retention, as long as an effective way is provided for them to stay in touch with their team.

Video conferences should be held regularly between office and remote staff, whether it is a weekly team huddle or a daily briefing between individual groups within your business. You can use additional services within the video conference to enhance the experience. Whiteboard services allow you to illustrate your point, and you can even record conferences if certain members are busy. If your staff don’t currently have a convenient device to use for video conferencing, consider a business mobile plan.

Help staff working in the field

This follows on from the previous point, but most businesses will have some members of staff working on the go. Whether it is estate agents, or engineers in the field, or just people working on the train. Keeping these members of staff connected via video conferencing can be very beneficial.

For support staff especially, it can be very helpful to have a clear picture of what each customer requires from them and also how to carry out that requirement. Thankfully, video conferences provide the perfect way to explain and interact with staff working on the go. Working with our UC Cloud platform takes this one step further. Allowing you to share and edit files on the go, adding another level of functionality.

There are plenty of ways that video conferencing can benefit your business, both now and moving forwards. If any of the ideas mentioned here sound interesting to you, get in touch with our team at 01924 249 499, we’d be very happy to help.