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Why you need to take your business energy into consideration now

Right now your businesses’ energy plan might not be the first thing on your mind. We understand this, but now is the perfect time to consider your energy options. With the end of lockdowns hopefully fast approaching, businesses will soon be back in the office. For now though, a large number of people are still likely working from home, meaning you are in a good position to consider your business utilities. It’s important to work with an energy solution that meets your business’ needs, but unfortunately the vast majority of businesses are overpaying.

The government regulator Ofgem has stated that over 70% of businesses are likely to be overpaying on their energy bill. This tendency to overpay isn’t necessarily organisations selecting poor contracts but rather the solution they now have doesn’t meet their requirements anymore. Overpayments continue because the switching process seems complicated and time consuming. It doesn’t have to be this way though, and now is the perfect time to act.

Changing suppliers doesn’t have to be a difficult process. If the process is managed through one place, and there is sufficient monitoring and support services available, then it genuinely becomes easy to create a sustainable and cost-effective energy plan with little effort. At YTL we have the support services to help make switching energy suppliers simpler and have partnered with Consider Energy to provide a seamless experience.

We aim to simplify the energy process by handling it all through one place. This management service is maintained through our wide network of providers, including all of the UK’s major suppliers. To help provide a better understanding of the services that YTL and Consider Energy provide, we’ve compiled this quick 5 step guide to our Energy switching process.

Upload your bill

We start our process by analysing your current energy solution. Send us your energy bill, and we can suggest your next move. We’ll undertake a full analysis of your bill based on your usage, the type of business that you are and the suppliers in your area.

We’ll consult with you as process goes on in order to get the best understanding of your business’ needs. No matter the size or scale of your operation, we can provide an energy contract that meets your needs.

We’ll find the options

Based on our analysis, we’ll handle the next moves. Depending on your area and the usage data that you have sent us, we’ll consult with our range of suppliers across the country to access the best solution for you. We work with some of the biggest names in energy through our partners at Consider, as well as smaller teams who might be the key to getting you the best deal.

We’ll keep you fully informed about every step of our tendering process, feeding back to you on the options and why each would suit you best.

Introducing your new supplier

Once we’ve worked to find the best solutions in your area, we’ll present the options to your team. We’ll not only provide suggestions on the energy supplier that we think is the best, but we’ll also provide a full explanation for our reasoning that you can use in the future.

At YTL we are always keen to make sure that transparency is key. For this reason, we’ll make all of the data and reasonings behind your energy solution clear to you, so you can get a full picture of your business utilities.

Managing your plan

Once your team has decided on the plan of your choice, our real work begins. The process of ending your current plan can often be a tricky one, suppliers are always willing to complicate the process in the hopes that you’ll hang on for a bit longer. We’ll resolve these tedious negotiations for you and move you to your new supplier seamlessly.

The benefit to doing this is not just out of convenience for you. It can save a huge amount of time to have the process expertly managed, not to mention preventing any unexpected outages.

Ongoing support

Our service doesn’t end once you are set up with your new energy provider, we’re always on hand to help. The energy market is a volatile one and so it’s crucial that you and your team are always well informed about the changes taking place. Our support team is also on hand to solve any issues that you face with your energy or your provider.

As previously mentioned, the reason businesses overpay on their energy is because they aren’t fully aware of the best deals out there. With our service, we’ll always keep you in the know about the most favourable conditions.

We hope that this has provided an insight into how YTL’s Energy consultation service can help your business to make the most of this vital utility. If you have any questions surrounding this service please give us a call here at 0330 222 0332, or visit our website to upload your bill and start your energy journey.