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Why supporting remote working is still important

Remote working has become a way of life for many businesses in the past 18 months. With the calls to return to the office many are celebrating but others might not be so keen. Whether it is to avoid long commutes, a more productive home environment or just a desire for added flexibility. There are valid reasons why many people are looking to a retain a more agile way of working.

Even if your business isn’t looking to keep remote work as part of your operation, being able to work with more flexibility from time to time is a fantastic way to provide some much needed peace of mind. This is called business continuity and is more essential than ever. In this blog, we’ll cover the most important reasons why your business still needs to keep a remote working plan in place, and exactly how this can be achieved.

Improve your team’s productivity.

Many businesses have cited productivity as the main draw for getting staff back in the office. While many people do find the office a more productive environment, with the right technology a flexible model can be just as effective. Services such as our UC Cloud platform allow you to access all of your office communications on a device of your choice.

This means that no matter where you are working, you can still provide the same great customer service, and maintain internal collaboration. Our UC Cloud service also provides integrations with well-known CRMs as well as productivity apps such as Outlook and Office 365. This means that remote staff can quickly edit and share files with their colleagues.

Providing access to these services means that your remote staff can continue working at their best. Staff working on the go, or on their commute can take advantage as well. Improving your reaction times and prioritising customer service.

Prepare for anything.

We touched on business continuity previously, but it is worth emphasising how crucial it is that your business stays prepared. Whether it is a global incident making your office inaccessible, or just a power cut or bad weather. Downtime is disastrous for many businesses and creating a plan to prevent it is crucial.

A lot of business technology is bound to the office, such as older ISDN phone systems. It is worth investing in technology that can provide another layer of agility in case you are forced to work outside the office unexpectedly. As previously mentioned, our UC system allows you to work from a device of your choice. Similarly, it includes call divert services that allow you to automatically route calls from an office device to any of your team’s mobile phones. Customers won’t know the difference. Only the usual office number is displayed to them, while your team can easily answer all calls from any location.

Save money in a variety of ways.

Remote working is cost-effective. The older office technology and workspaces that businesses currently use were designed for an outdated way of working. In most industries, staff drop in and out of the office as they need to, and many industries workforces fluctuating in size, such as in the events sector. The traditional approach to office technology, paying a fixed fee for phone lines and broadband no longer effectively supports these businesses.

A flexible approach to technology not only supports your remote workers, but helps to save you money. A cloud phone system allows you to only pay for the services that you need at any time, rather than paying a fixed fee for an office system you may or may not be using. This allows for more efficient workspace usage and accommodates a variety of different working styles.

Boost morale and collaboration.

Working alongside your team is one of the main draws of returning to the office environment, but with the right technology it is easy to stay in touch with colleagues and customers. Unified Communications services such as UC Cloud or MS Teams provide a way to guarantee a face-to-face connection via video conferencing with your team, while still prioritising security. As long as your team can access a reliable internet connection while working from home, they are set. Click here to find out more about our business broadband services.

Creating a flexible working environment massively boosts morale amongst teams. 35% of workers say that they would change jobs if it meant they would then have the ability to work off-site part or all of the time. You could have access to a huge number of highly talented individuals, just from implementing a flexible working plan. With the other benefits of this model of work, providing your team with the option seems like a no-brainer.

We know that for some industries, or for particular roles being on-site is a must. To help accommodate these roles, check out our private cloud phone systems. We hope that this guide has helped to open your mind to the benefits of retaining remote working. To find out more, get in touch with our team at 01924 249 499 we’d be very happy to help.