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Why small businesses need scalable communications and how YTL can help

Especially when you’re starting out, it’s vital that the systems that you invest in can support your future plans. This applies to everything, from your office space to your connectivity and communications. At YTL we can help with those last two, but today we’re focusing specifically on how small businesses can scale their communications.

Here at YTL, we’re cloud communications specialists. These systems are designed with scalability and business growth in mind. In today’s blog, we’ll explain how you can expand your business using cloud communications, and also use them to work at your best under a variety of different circumstances.

Scalability: an organised way to grow.

There is a reason why we say scaling instead of growing your business communications. Upscaling your business means that you always strive to maintain the great processes and technology that support your business, as your team and customer base grows. It’s a more managed process, and cloud communications support it.

You’ll know when it’s time to upscale your operation. Whether you’re struggling to provide a bespoke service to each and every customer, or your staff are overwhelmed with calls, it could be time for an upgrade. Our cloud communications service allows you to add new users to your system instantly, as long as you have a phone and an internet service to connect them to. New users can get to work as soon as they need to, with no disruption to your existing operation.

It’s important to mention that this principle works both ways. We know that many industries work with fluctuating levels of demand for their services. Cloud systems can also easily be scaled down on a scheduled seasonal basis or whenever you need. With cloud, you just pay for the systems that you use.

The expansion process: scalability, simplified.

Many small businesses are still relying on their on-site PBX communication systems. These services are reliable in the short term, but when it’s time to add more lines and numbers, they tend to be inflexible.

If you’re adopting a cloud system for the first time, our YTL team will walk you through the whole process. Our provisioning, engineering and support team will all be in touch to ensure that your system supports you now and into the future. If you already have an existing phone system, our number porting team will help to move over your old numbers, preventing any disruption for your team or customers.

Once your system is installed, we’ll conduct regular operational reviews alongside your team. We’ll monitor the effectiveness of your system and suggest any changes that we think will improve your operation.

This may include adding new lines, which with our cloud service simply involves adding a new handset to your system, plugging in and connecting to the internet. All the hosting is done in our secure data centres, massively reducing installation and set-up times.

Now that you know the process, here are some other services that we think can help future-proof your business …

CRM Integration: Manage your customer communications with ease.

Scalability isn’t just about adding more tools to your arsenal, it’s also about making sure that your existing ones can work seamlessly together. Making sure that your CRM is always up to date with the latest information helps you to manage customer enquiries faster, and ensures that you’re always providing a great service.

Our communications services integrate alongside over 60 major CRM platforms. This allows you to update your customer data through your phone system. These updates are then visible for your entire team. It also means that when customers dial in to your phone system, their CRM data is clearly displayed to your team. This allows them to respond professionally and resolve enquiries in a more efficient way.

As your business expands, without a clear record of each of your customers, your service can suffer. Keeping your CRM updated and integrated with your communications allows you to keep providing a bespoke service whether you have 10 or 10,000 customers.

Call Management: Make improvements with accurate insights.

It can be difficult to know when it’s time to upscale your communications. Especially when staff are working remotely, getting a clear view of your entire network can be a real challenge. Our call management suite can send detailed call reports according to the metrics that matter most to you, and wallboards allow you to view statistics in real time. This allows you to better assign resources moving forward.

For example, our reports will clearly show if departments, teams or individual users are overwhelmed with calls. From here you can quickly make the right decision on how to improve their experience. Whether that’s assigning more users to the phones or hiring some added help. For this process to work effectively, you need a phone service that can be deployed quickly. This is why we recommend cloud solutions to small businesses.

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