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Why now is the perfect time to bring a mobile plan into your business

Businesses have a lot to focus on right now, especially when it comes to communications. With more and more people working remotely, adopting new methods to stay in touch or enhancing existing processes has never been more necessary. Businesses need to change the way colleague collaboration and guarantee that no customer calls are missed. For these teams, a business mobile solution might just be the way forward for you.

The benefits to having a mobile phone available to you for business are generally pretty self-explanatory. Allowing you to work more effectively on the go and making sure that customers and colleagues can get in touch with you outside of the office. These benefits shouldn’t be understated. With Covid 19 in the picture though and the need for agile working never greater, mobile technology has really come into its own.

At YTL, we believe that making the most of business mobiles can have a huge effect on your staff’s productivity and morale. So we have brought together what we believe are the most important benefits that a business mobile plan can bring to your team.

Keeping in contact with customers

We understand that for businesses in many sectors, a missed customer call can be disastrous. Some firms can potentially lose thousands for every lead lost. With many members of staff working from home the risk of missing calls increases massively because with so many other commitments, there is a lot of room for calls to slip through the cracks.

A business mobile plan helps to alleviate the pressure here. Being able to answer a customer call no matter where you work goes helps ensure that none are missed. This also works in combination with some other useful communication services. Our business mobile solutions also feature integrated call systems. Which mean you can effectively route calls to a smaller group within your business. If one person doesn’t pick up, there is a strong chance that someone else on your team will.

This makes remote working simpler for all of your customer facing roles, from tech support to sales.

Access a wider range of communications

Businesses need to adopt more agile ways of working. This is a fact that we’ve all had to accept over the past year or so. This agility has led to the adoption of some interesting pieces of technology. Video conferencing, instant messaging and VoIP calls are now all standard across nearly every industry. However there are still teams out there who don’t have devices that can effectively make use of these new communication services.

Business Mobiles are a quick and easy way to equip your team with all of the software they need to adapt to a remote working environment. Whether it’s a daily update with the team via a video conference or a quick message to help with a customer enquiry, you can handle just about all of it through your mobile phone. Provide your team with the versatility they need to carry out their role that little bit easier.

One of the best ways to access all of the latest communication services through on app on your mobile or any other device is with our UC Cloud service.

Find out more about it here:

Save your business money!

A business mobile plan might sound like an expense, but in the long run it can save you a great deal of money. If you’re working remotely but still relying on a landline to make your calls, you could rack up a huge phone bill. This only increases if international calls are involved. Business mobiles can help you cut down massively on these expenses.

If you are operating through a Public Cloud phone system, your calls will be handled over the internet through VoIP. This saves a huge amount compared to more traditional means.

Create your own business mobile contract to tailor it to your specific needs. We’ll ensure that you are equipped with the most cost-effective plan for your team that also provides the handsets you need. Our plans are based around what works best, rather than being bound by what works for a specific provider.

We hope that the features of business mobile solutions that we have outlined here demonstrate just how useful they can be for businesses right now. Even moving beyond the challenging circumstances we all find ourselves in now, agile working looks set to stay, and we believe that adopting solutions that can support remote teams is the way forward for businesses. This is the ethos we have taken into the way we handle our business mobile plans.

When you take out a contract with YTL, we’ll keep you in the know at all times. We’ll review your tariff every 6 months to ensure that you get the best deal based on your usage. We’ll let you know when your data capacity is hitting its limit. These are the things that matter most to businesses and how we go above and beyond to support your team. If you’d like to find out more, give us a call on 01924 249 299 or read more here: