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Why now is a good time to take another look at your connectivity

With the business world gearing up to return to the office, it could be a great opportunity to revisit your broadband connection.

If you’ve been working away from the office a lot over the last year, you’ve probably also changed how you work. Cloud services like video conferencing, Office 365 and Cloud CCTV systems have transformed the way we connect and collaborate, but this can put even the beefiest office connection under strain.

In this blog post we’ll explain why now is the best time to think about upgrading your broadband, and how a strong connection can put you in the best position to succeed in a cloud-based business world.

The impact of flexible working

If you’re making more use of remote and flexible working than you have been in the past, you may find your use of connectivity evolving.

Flexible working policies often mean that your office connection has to cater to fewer people at any given time. This can reduce the overall load on your connection, providing higher speeds to each individual user.

If you’ve got servers in the office that your home workers connect to, though, you may need to pay careful attention to your upload speeds. Although upload speeds are important to maintain a snappy response in cloud services, they are crucial when you’ve got users connecting to your office from home through a VPN.

For larger firms hosting their own file servers or more specialised systems, a Leased Line is almost a requirement. The symmetric upload and download speeds ensure that the experience of your home workers is just as fast and responsive as those in the office.

Business needs are evolving

Businesses are relying on their internet connections more than ever. While the widespread use of Cloud services like Office 365 and Cloud phone systems has brought enormous flexibility and agility to businesses, it does necessitate a rock-solid internet connection.

Cloud systems rely on you being able to access them. That means a fast, reliable, and responsive internet connection. At YTL, we pride ourselves on our track record for reliability. We’ve carefully selected a range of service partners based on their networks’ resiliency and capacity. This means that we can provide connections that give you total peace of mind.

Availability is changing

FTTP, or Full Fibre, connections are being added around the country faster than ever before. With the network growing at an unprecedented rate, when was the last time you checked your availability?

Between January and December 2020, access to Full Fibre broadband nearly doubled. With nearly 40% of addresses now able to access Gigabit speeds, Openreach have been hard at work over lockdown. Have you checked to see if they’ve installed FTTP technology in your area yet? You may be surprised. FTTP can represent as big an upgrade to your network as did the move from dial-up to broadband 20 years ago.

It’s not just FTTP, either. With conventional FTTC connections now available at more than 97% of addresses, if you’re still using an ADSL connection it’s time to look again. Of course, with your usage of broadband evolving, speed is key to your requirements and so our business Fibre connections could be ideal for you. Get in touch with the team to see what’s available in your area.

How have your needs changed?

When was the last time you upgraded your connection, and how has your usage changed since then?

Upgrading your internet connection may not be something you’d consider if you’ve still got the same number of employees now as when you installed it. But think about how much more each of those employees relies on the internet today than even just a few years ago.

If you’re working on a digital transformation strategy in your business, you’ll be making much greater use of the cloud to provide tools to your staff. As we’ve discussed, this can significantly change the demands placed on your connectivity. For example, video calls are a near-ubiquitous business tool that you may not have used at all when you first installed your current line. A 1080p video call requires at least 3Mbps of bandwidth per participant, which can rapidly eat in to your line’s capacity.

Upgrading your broadband connection is a smart way to put your business in a great position to tackle the challenges of returning to the office.

Many businesses will have fundamentally changed the way they work and the tools they work with in order to adapt to working remotely. If you’re one of them, it’s possible that your broadband connection can no longer keep up with you.

If that’s the case, get in touch. Even if you’re not sure what flavour of broadband you need then just let us know, we’re happy to help! We’ll talk you through the options available in your area, and make a suggestion based on the way you work. To find out more give us a call at 01924 249 499 or visit our website.