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Why Manufacturing teams need to take a closer look at their communications

At YTL we’ve spent 30 years helping businesses with their communications. In this time there hasn’t been an industry that has changed a much as the manufacturing sector. The rise of technology and automation in this industry has changed a huge number of processes. Communications is no different and its more important for manufacturing teams to stay in touch than ever before.

Whether it is working alongside customers or communicating within your site, it is important to have all the tools for success at your disposal. Although your current technology might be supporting you day-to-day, you might not realise just how much effective communication is tied to business success.

It’s not just about technology, implementing great processes can help your business to thrive. In this blog, we’ll run through some of the areas of your manufacturing business where effective communications can help your team to improve.

Reduce the need for risk and guesswork

In the manufacturing industry, nothing should be left to chance. Poor communications can end with customer specifications or important details being missed. This can inevitably cost thousands in a high stakes industry like manufacturing.

One of the best ways to ensure that no details are missed is with call recording. Our call recording solutions allow you to keep a legally compliant record of every customer conversation you have. This is a great way to essentially create a digital receipt, that you can refer back to during the whole manufacturing process. This can be used with both external and internal communications. Call recording also allows you to train staff in your call process and settle any disputes that might arise.

Often individuals within different groups or those working at different sites struggle to get in contact with one another. This may be due to distance but it is also due to the fact that often staff won’t know if their teammates are available to communicate. Our UC platform solves this issue with an advanced presence system that shows the status of every user. This means even if staff are working remotely, they can still reach the help they need, removing the guesswork.

Improve the availability of your team

Manufacturing teams often work across very large premises, or have larger areas without easy access to a phone. This means that without the right technology, inter-company communications can become incredibly slow or challenging.

The first and arguably most important thing to bear in mind here is connectivity. Large premises often struggle with dark spots and maintaining strong signal across the entire building is crucial. To help with this, we offer a variety of connectivity solutions designed for any building in any area. Whether you need a broadband service that maintains a reliable connection across every corner, or a powerful leased line that can guarantee high speeds, even in rural areas. We design our connectivity services specifically to meet the needs of your team.

Once you’re up to speed, the next step to improving availability is to start communicating better on the go. At least a few teams in any manufacturing business spend plenty of time up on their feet, usually a fair distance from the nearest phone. This can make urgent communications a challenge. The solution here are DECT handsets.

These phones contain all the utility of an office phone system, but are completely portable. This means that staying in touch is simple. These phones are fully WiFi enabled and are effective at any location in your premise. Any calls handled through a DECT phone can be logged or recorded the same as any other on your network. DECT handsets are rugged enough to survive any situation or working environment.

Tailor your network to suit your business

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to telecoms. Every role in your team has different requirements from their technology. Factory or warehouse staff will need the use of DECT phones to operate on the go, staff in a call centre environment require more integrations with third party software and analytics services. Management teams and sales staff require the use of video conferencing and more remote working tools.

Accommodating for each of these needs can be incredibly challenging without the right know how. At YTL we work with your team to understand the specific needs of your business. From here we recommend the solutions that can help. We’re not bound by a single supplier, meaning we can recommend the services that genuinely benefit your business. All of our solutions are completely scalable too, supporting your business seamlessly as it grows.

To find out more about our services here at YTL, get in touch. Our team are happy to talk through the needs of your business and arrange a full consultation. You can reach us at 01924 249 499