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Why Cloud VoIP Communications Platforms are ideal for Professionals

In many sectors, regulatory compliance has been a stumbling block to technological progress for a long time.

This is not without good reason, of course, but it has left many businesses struggling with obsolete phone systems. On-site ISDN systems, for example, have proven to be something of a dinosaur over the pandemic. This blog post will explain how VoIP systems can enhance your productivity while still complying with all regulations and industry guidelines.

Call Recording

If you work in law, healthcare, education or any other professional sector where you routinely handle sensitive client data, your call recording systems must comply with rigorous security standards. This applies to all other kinds of business data as well. Thanks to the technical nature of VoIP, it is relatively easy to secure. Our systems use the latest encryption and security protocols to keep your call recordings under lock and key.

This means that we can safely store your call recordings in the Cloud without any risk of running foul of regulations in your industry. This provides an immediate upgrade to your business productivity and accountability, particularly in the age of flexible working. Storing recordings in the Cloud ensures that your staff’s calls are recorded no matter where they are working from. It also guarantees that you’ll be able to continue to monitor the quality of your call processes even with a remote team.

CRM Integration

Our Cloud phone systems and Unified Communications platforms also can integrate directly with a massive range of third-party CRM packages.

By adding phone system functionality to your CRM, you’ll unlock valuable features like click-to-dial, screen-popping and automated recording integration. Save your staff time and eliminate mis-dials by letting them call any contact from their desktop with a single click.

Screen-popping adds an unbeatable sense of professionalism to your inbound call taking processes. With screen-popping enabled, any call from a contact will trigger your CRM to automatically display the relevant account information to your staff. Not only does this help you greet your callers by name, but it can also help speed up identity verification and provide an instant reminder of any outstanding work.

In a fast-paced world every second counts, so any step you can take to automate your post-call processes is worthwhile. Our business communication platforms automatically update all customer records with call details, adding secure links to call recordings where applicable. This all combines to save your staff a significant amount of time every day, increasing productivity and delivering a positive ROI.

Mobile Solutions

How easy is it to connect to an ISDN system from outside the office?

If you’ve been using an ISDN system through lockdown, you will have noticed that accessibility is not a strength of this aging technology.

Using ISDN systems remotely is possible, but it is most certainly not easy or simple. Our Cloud systems turn this on its head. With no compromise to security or features, you can connect to your office system from any mobile, laptop or desktop.

Connecting from home is no more complex than signing in to our app with your username and password. This means that you can turn your smartphone into a full-fledged desk phone in seconds, instantly routing all your business communications to your pocket.

This is a phenomenally useful feature for professionals who spend a lot of time away from the office. Surveyors, lawyers, architects and engineers alike can all benefit from the fantastic mobility that our platforms provide. Intelligent presence features automatically route calls to your mobile, ensuring your clients and colleagues can always reach you on your office number.

This convenience and professionalism extends to calling your clients as well. There’s no need for any client to expect a call from your mobile. Sign in to your office system from your smartphone and you’ll be calling customers from your office line. This further reduces confusion and frustration, helping your clients get hold of you first time every time.

Reliability, Call Quality

Unlike older on-site equivalents, our systems are entirely insulated from any disaster that might affect your ability to get to, or work from, the office.

Because they are hosted in our ultra-secure data centres, our systems remain online even when your office can’t. This mitigates the impact of a powercut, internet outage or any other problem. This makes disaster recovery and business continuity simpler than ever before.

It’s not just in a disaster where our systems showcase their technological prowess. Because we’re not limited to the ‘50s technology of the copper PSTN lines, we can use the latest high quality audio codecs. This provides a crystal clear audio experience, even when you’re connecting from 4G or WiFi.

Moving to the Cloud may be the best step you can take to improve customer confidence, boosting your productivity, availability, and reliability in one move. Do you want to find out more about our Unified Communications systems? Call us today on 01924 249 499 to arrange a consultation and see our services in action.