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Why a call analytics service is ideal for professional services

The term ‘professional services’ encompasses a huge range of businesses. From legal teams, advertising and marketing businesses, architects, accountants, financiers, consultants, and engineers. It’s a very broad label, which might make you think that facilitating the technology needs of this vast range of roles would be difficult, but there are some fantastic services out there that can make a real difference for all of the sectors mentioned here.

At YTL, we’ve been working with professional services teams for decades, in this time we’ve learned that when it comes to their technology it is important to prioritise four main aspects of their business: customer service, accountability, security and productivity. There are plenty of services that can help individual businesses achieve these goals, but one stands above the rest. Our call analytics services gives professional organisations a huge amount of detailed information that can be used to improve the four most important aspects of their business. Read on to find out how.

Customer Service: Make sure each customer is heard clearly

Call analytics services are designed to make sure no customer falls through the cracks. It begins the process by creating a log of each call that has arrived at your business, no matter if this call was picked up a member of your office staff, a remote worker or was missed. If the call came from an existing customer or other contact, it will be cross-referenced with your CRM and will let you know the details of whoever dialled in.

All of this information will be compiled into a report and sent to the relevant members of your team, displaying the stats that are most important to you. From here you can take a variety of actions:

  • See clearly the times when customer calls are most likely to be missed, and ensure that more staff are assigned to the phones at these times in future.
  • See individual customers that have been missed, so you can follow up quickly and make sure that their needs are met.
  • Make lasting changes based on the information you receive. If many customers are seen to be asking what should be a simple question, ensure that your website is clearer. If you receive many calls from a specific demographic, adjust your marketing to capitalise on this.

Accountability: Ensure your team are working at their best

The insights that an analytics service bring aren’t just useful for understanding the needs of your customers. It can also help your team to work better. Analytics software allows you to see which sites receive the most calls, which teams handle the most and which individuals handle them most efficiently. This provides you with a great platform to improve your entire network.

If you notice that one of your premises is inundated with calls, while others are much quieter, then you can add in a simple call divert that will direct customers to another quieter premise if their calls are not taken quickly enough.

If individual operators are spending unexpectedly long durations of time on calls with customers, or customers are having to dial in multiple times before their query is solved then it might be a sign that more training is needed. This where call recording can enhance your business. This allows you to review calls alongside your staff to find where improvements need to be made.

Security: Spot irregularities in an instant

It can be difficult to get a real peace of mind when it comes to your business, especially when you’re working remotely. Many different kinds of fraudsters and cyber criminals have taken advantage of the lack of security diligence and telecoms fraud is sharply on the rise. Analytics software is one of the best ways to tackle this threat.

Telecoms fraud is usually carried out by a criminal or organisation accessing your phone network and using your staff’s devices to make expensive calls abroad, racking up a huge bills for your business. Without a proper view of your business’ calls, this can go unnoticed for months. Analytics software allows you to quickly spot irregularities such as international calls or calls being made outside of business hours. From here you can simply disable these features on company devices and contact your provider to rectify the issue.

Productivity: Stay working at your best in any environment

Your analytics software allows you to react to any situation instantly, no matter the environment you’re working in. Even when working remotely, you can have a clear view of your team’s performance with regards to communications, which customers are being heard and which teams are handling the most.

For staff in the office this information can be presented through an intuitive wallboard display. This displays all the details your staff need to see, including any customers waiting in the queue and who has handled the most calls. This means nothing slips through the cracks and can even inspire some healthy workplace competition.

For more on analytics or any of our services that help professional teams, get in touch at 01924 249499. We’re happy to help.