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What Cloud Communications can do to benefit your remote staff

Even as teams begin to look towards returning to the office across the business world, many are wondering how they can retain the agility that they’ve acquired over the past year. Remote working looks like it will remain an option for the foreseeable future and there are many benefits to this.

Teams having more flexibility in terms of where and how they work has been shown to boost productivity in a big way. Having a strong remote working plan in place also helps to support your business if something goes wrong. If your office is inaccessible, knowing that your team can easily pick up their work from home gives you some much needed peace of mind.

At YTL, we are big supporters of technology that allows businesses to work in a more agile way. Whether this is mobile phone services or superfast connectivity. One way to stand head and shoulders above your competition in this regard though is cloud communications. Cloud communications is an umbrella term that covers many different communications services that suit many different teams. What they all have in common though is that instead of hosting a business’ communications on-premise in their offices, they do so in a cloud data centre.

This might sound like a small change, but it can have some huge benefits. Here are some of the key ways that cloud communications can help your remote staff.

Handle customer calls effectively from any location

One of the most crucial elements that businesses struggle with when working from home is maintaining professionalism. We know some things like noisy neighbours or intruding pets can’t be avoided, but the quality of your customer service shouldn’t be suffering. Cloud communications allow you to access office-grade call handling services wherever you are.

Services that can benefit your customer calls include CRM integrations, that allow you to quickly search for customer details via your phone system. Screen popping shows you customer information as soon as they dial in. Auto attendants can provide customers with the useful information they need before they even reach a member of staff, reducing workload.

With a cloud system, as long as your team are working with a reliable internet connection, audio quality on customers calls will be crystal clear in any working environment.

Refine internal collaboration

Teamwork can be a struggle when everyone is working from outside the office. If you don’t have a regular communication process to follow, people can be quickly left feeling confused and isolated. Cloud communications help here as they provide your team with a range of new options and a reliable way to collaborate.

One of these new options comes in the form of Unified Communications. UC services provide your team with a desktop and mobile app that lets them get in touch with any of their colleagues within seconds. No matter the device or where they are working from, UC keeps teams connected.

UC also gets around a lot of the common inconveniences that remote staff face. One of the biggest challenges is not knowing which of your team are free to communicate. UC features a presence system that shows exactly which members of your team are available at a given time. This can be a lifesaver for teams who need to find information quickly on the go or are working with customers.

Recreate the office environment from home

Whether you miss working in the office or not, there are some real benefits of having your colleagues nearby. Training is made far simpler, and the general collaborative atmosphere is good for morale and productivity. This environment is naturally difficult to recreate among remote staff, but cloud systems let you access some of the benefits.

It is simple to monitor the progression of your staff through call recording services. These programmes can be easily accessed through your cloud system and let you record and store calls in an organised way. Through this you can create a bespoke way of training new staff in your call process, or analyse calls with your existing team to find ways of improving.

Finally, Cloud communications open the door for enabling video conferencing throughout your business. Video conferencing allows you to recreate the office environment no matter where your team are. Services like screen sharing allow you to work with colleagues on documents in real time, deliver helpful training webinars or host team events on a Friday afternoon. Cloud phone systems give your team access to useful technology from one easy-to-use solution.

We hope that this short blog has shown some of the benefits that a cloud system can bring to your remote teams. We know that it has been difficult to stay connected with many people over the past year. At YTL we believe that with the right technology, businesses can integrate staff and create an even better working environment.

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