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What can the Cloud do for my business? Your Guide to UC Cloud

Unified Communications and the Cloud are two modern technologies that have natural synergy. So deploying our UC Cloud system could be the most effective way to improve remote productivity in your business.

Unified Communications combines all the collaboration tools you use across your business into one service. UC Cloud provides voice and video calling, instant messaging, presence information and other powerful features like CRM integration and call analytics. Rather than keeping all your tools separate, YTL believes that UC platforms remove the barriers between them.

While UC itself is truly transformative for your business, this blog post will focus on the Cloud itself. We’ll explore the benefits that a Cloud communications system can bring to you.


The first, and possibly most useful benefit to our UC Cloud system is the instant upgrade it provides to your mobility and agility.

A UC Cloud system can be used just as effectively from home as it can from your office network. Our Cloud systems are hosted in some of the most advanced datacentres around. This ensures you’ll have snappy, responsive access from anywhere on the planet.

This has been immensely useful for our customers throughout this turbulent time, helping them to keep working without interruption when they haven’t been able to get to the office. UC Cloud has been a phenomenal success during lockdown, providing a virtual office space for newly remote businesses.

Moving forward out of lockdown, UC Cloud is set to continue to promote flexible and remote working. It’s clear that, with the right technology, teams can work flexibly without sacrificing any productivity. Adopting flexible working can greatly improve work-life balance and flexibility. Through this, UC Cloud can even reduce staff turnover and bring teams closer together.


On-site phone systems are an incredibly tempting target for cyber criminals. The potential for loss is staggering; businesses can lose thousands in a matter of minutes to phone system fraud.

Because it’s not based in your office network, UC Cloud doesn’t require you to take any special security measures to protect it. Our systems are protected by state-of-the-art firewalls and other security systems. This turns your phone system from a potential liability to the virtual equivalent of Fort Knox.

Indeed, phone system fraud has been on the rise over lockdown. Businesses were forced to take emergency steps to enable remote access to their on-site systems when going in to lockdown. Deploying an unencrypted VPN or enabling open web access to an outdated or un-patched phone system is a recipe for disaster.

That’s why we feel deploying UC Cloud in your business is one of the smartest steps you can take to enhance cyber security across your business.


Similarly, UC Cloud makes use of the latest datacentre technology to ensure total reliability and availability. Our systems are built on multiple levels of redundancy. Ensuring that even in the rare event of a component failure, your communications are never interrupted.

Compare this to the redundancy, resiliency, and reliability of even the most advanced on-site solution and you’ll see why we’re able to provide industry-leading SLAs for our systems.

Migrating to the Cloud will finally insulate your phone system from any issues that might occur in your office. UC Cloud’s reliability and remote access allow you to pick up your work and help your customers from home in the event of a power cut or internet outage.

Hardware Freedom

UC Cloud can help you cut the cord and enable a truly flexible Bring Your Own Device policy. With apps available on desktops and all mobile platforms, UC Cloud can turn your smartphone, laptop or PC into a deskphone.

Unlike some mobile softphone apps of the past, UC Cloud doesn’t limit the features it makes available to smartphones. Every tool and feature you’d use on your deskphone or office PC is compacted into a uniquely simple mobile app. This gives your remote workers the tools they need to stay in touch with the office.

Making use of the UC Cloud app also puts an end to costly external calls to your colleagues’ mobiles. Connecting to UC Cloud from your mobile signs you in to your office extension, ensuring your colleagues and customers alike can always reach you with the same number.

Hopefully it’s clear by now that we feel UC Cloud is the way forward for firms looking to improve communications and internal collaboration in an increasingly remote business world.

Unifying your Communications is the first step to creating a productive virtual office environment. UC Cloud’s video conferencing, instant messaging and advanced presence panels all combine to make remote collaboration simple.

Are you interested in moving to YTL’s industry leading Cloud service? Get in touch with the team on 01924 249 499, we’d be happy to help.What can the Cloud do for my business? Your Guide to UC Cloud