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What is a VoIP Phone System?

VoIP is a phone service that operates over the internet rather than traditional fixed phone lines. This means it has a great range of versatility whilst still holding on to the functionality that a business phone system should have. At YTL our VoIP service will allow you and your team to consistently make high-quality voice calls with your customers, across a range of devices. VoIP is widely regarded as the future of telecommunications and this is no surprise when you see the features this service has to offer.

VoIP vs On-Premise

With our VoIP service, your communications will operate through the cloud. This will let you make cost-effective, high-quality voice calls with just about anyone in the world. VoIP’s versatility is its greatest strength, facilitating agile working on an unparalleled scale.

Unlike an on-premise system, VoIP doesn’t need any expensive hardware to run. All you need is a handset and an internet connection to communicate effectively. This can save you huge amounts on maintenance and installation. Let us handle the hosting, so you can focus on your business.

Worldwide Access

VoIP operates over the internet; this means your calls are no longer held back by extortionate international rates. As long as you both have a reasonable data connection, you can make efficient and cost-effective calls with just about anyone in the world.

This unmatched flexibility makes VoIP the perfect system for a business looking to go global, but it also allows your team to facilitate better calls closer to home as well.


Unlike traditional PBX systems, VoIP does not require large amounts of hardware to work effectively, this means you can scale your operation up or down with ease. This is ideal for growing businesses or those with fluctuating workforces.

If someone new joins your company, with VoIP you can get them set up quickly and easily, without subjecting the rest of your team to costly downtime.

The ethos behind our VoIP systems is to allow businesses to communicate efficiently and being able to add new systems at any time is a great part of this.

Business Continuity

Business continuity features are designed around helping your business to stay running at its best, even in less than ideal situations. VoIP systems come equipped with plenty of disaster recovery features that let you keep working efficiently no matter what.
If you are unable to access your office due to unforeseen circumstances, you can operate your VoIP service from home using your mobile or home phone, with the same great level of service that you would have in the office. You can even keep the same number!

Call Quality

Even though it operates over the internet rather than via traditional fixed lines, your VoIP service never falters on call quality, as long as you maintain a stable connection. VoIP call quality has come a long way in the past 20 years and now is indistinguishable, and sometimes even better than a landline.

With the arrival of 5G, data networks are only improving, and your call quality will improve along with it. VoIP is consistent, reliable and effective wherever you are.

Support your Remote Staff

In our minds, there is no better technology for keeping remote workers connected to both their colleagues and their customers than VoIP. The flexibility that this system provides is unmatched and is genuinely useful for staff who need to work outside of the office. Being able to transfer calls to a different device is a lifesaver, and to be able to do all this whilst still maintaining consistently great call quality is exactly what your remote staff will find so appealing.

The Benefits of VoIP


There are no hefty upfront fees when dealing with VoIP services. Because they don’t come alongside large and expensive pieces of equipment that you would have to house on-site, they are much more reasonable for your business’ expenses, saving money that you could invest elsewhere.


Alongside a strong broadband connection, VoIP always remains reliable through any situation. If for some reason you do experience an outage though, your VoIP solution can be routed to a device of your choice, so that you are never left without communications.

Ease of Installation

With VoIP you don’t have to rely on installing heavy and costly equipment. All you need is a handset and an internet connection to get everything up and running. This is ideal for smaller businesses where space is at a premium, who still need high-quality communications.


With VoIP, you are not limited by any part of your communication system. You can access high quality calls from a device of your choice, making your business communications truly viable from just about any working location. Free your team from the office.

Simple to Use

VoIP systems can be operated through an incredibly simple API, allowing you to do everything from making calls to viewing advanced analytics all through the same interface. No matter the technical ability of your staff, getting to grips with VoIP is quick and easy.

Conference Calls

VoIP conference calls are just as clear whether you are using a 3-way conference call or a conference bridge with dozens of participants. The only requirements being sufficient bandwidth and high-speed internet.

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