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Using the Cloud without the Internet

“What happens to my Cloud communications system if my internet connection drops?”

It’s a question we hear a lot at YTL, and we’re here to tell you that providers have baked-in several different ways to mitigate the impact that an internet outage can have on your office communications.

In this blog post we will explore how YTL’s advanced Cloud systems can continue to operate even when your internet goes down. We’ll also cover how you can configure your phone system to protect you in the event of an internet outage.

How Cloud communications platforms protect your business even if your internet is down.

Mobile App

All of our Cloud communication systems have apps for every major mobile and desktop platforms. This means that if your main office internet connection goes down, your staff can continue to work from their mobiles or desktops at home.

The great news is that near-ubiquitous 4G connectivity practically guarantees crystal clear audio quality.

Backup 4G connections

One way to take advantage of the enormous steps forward in mobile broadband connectivity is to install a backup 4G connection in your office.

Because the 4G network is entirely separate to the fixed fibre and ADSL networks in the UK, 4G connections are almost always insulated from issues that can cause your primary fixed broadband connection to drop. YTL can provide 4G USB dongles that plug into your PCs. We can also provide a SIM card and 4G-capable routers that make failing over to a backup connection seamless.

Simple yet Powerful Forwarding

Our phone systems offer incredibly powerful forwarding features. Context-based forwarding gives our phone systems the intelligence to determine when a call should be forwarded to the recipient’s mobile and when it should be sent to a deskphone, or even voicemail.

These forwards are easy to configure. Simply enter the target mobile or landline number and tell the system how to treat each call based on which of your devices are connected, which number your callers dialled, what time it is and even who the caller is.


When all else fails, voicemail can step in and save the day. In a real crisis, it may not be practical to man your phones. In these situations, ISDN systems are notorious for playing the dreaded busy or engaged tones to callers. Because Cloud systems are entirely isolated from anything that happens in your office, your callers will be able to get in touch with your company even if your office falls offline.

How you can configure your phone system to keep your staff connected.

As we’ve discussed, our Cloud-based phone systems can protect you in a variety of ways. However, your best defence in the event of an internet outage is to be prepared.

Configure Forwards in Seconds

We know from our own experience that an unexpected outage in your office can cause havoc. Taking some time to put plans in place before anything happens is a fantastic way to minimise the impact of an outage if it does happen.

Luckily, our phone systems give you the ability to set forwards on each of your extensions in as little time as it takes to enter a backup mobile number. Configuring a backup number for each of your staff and leaving it inactive until it’s needed ensures that all you need to do in the event of an outage is activate the forward. Alternatively, advanced configuration of your system’s inbound answering rules allows you to set forwards to activate only if the extension drops offline.

Set and Forget

Configuring forwards ahead of time, especially when you set them to activate only when your extensions are offline, gives you a true ‘set and forget’ system of measures designed to protect you in an outage.

This is possibly the best tool you have at your disposal for disaster recovery and business continuity. There are no faster ways to set alarm bells ringing among your customers than phone calls that go unanswered, so making sure your phone lines are manned is one of your top priorities in any kind of outage in your office.

Setting forwards on your phone system that only activate in the event of your handsets or desktops dropping offline ensures that your staff can continue working in any situation without any interruptions.

Access from Anywhere

The biggest advantage of a Cloud phone system is that it can be accessed from any internet connection. Compare this to an older ISDN system; if your office were to have a power cut and your ISDN system shut down, you wouldn’t be able to pick up your phone system and install it somewhere else.

Unlike ISDN systems, Cloud systems don’t depend on connection to a particular physical phone line to work. This means that your staff can connect to your Cloud systems from anywhere. Whether that means using a backup mobile connection in your office or your staff’s home broadband connections to get back up and running makes no difference to the phone system or your callers. Service to your phone lines continues no matter what happens in your office.

At YTL, we believe that Cloud systems do far more to protect your business from service outages than older on-site equivalents and so we hope this blog post gives you some peace of mind.

If you’d like to talk with our team about implementing any of the strategies we’ve discussed in this post, please call us on 01924 249 499, we’d be happy to help.