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UC Cloud’s Hotel Module

Successfully managing hotels and guest houses requires a huge amount of administration, customer contact and lengthy processes. Thanks to the advanced technology of our UC Cloud system, we can provide a module that links your phone system with your property and customer management systems.

With native integrations for Micros Fidelio, Roommaster, Hilton and many other popular PMS packages. UC Cloud can transform your working processes, automating many key tasks. This blog post will explore the benefits of the hotel module. As well as how YTL and UC Cloud can help improve the level of service you provide to your guests.

– Integrate with your existing software

UC Cloud’s hotel module adds telecoms functionality to your hotel and property management systems. Contact your guests at the press of a button, eliminating mis-dials and saving valuable time for your busy front desk staff.

It doesn’t just improve the quality of your outbound call processes, though. The hotel module allows your property management systems to check all incoming calls against your database of customers. Displaying any records on the screen for your front desk staff. This creates a far more personal level of service for each customer, making it easy for them to choose to become regular guests.

By linking with your property management systems, your phone system becomes an integral component of your customer service processes; far more than just handsets with external lines. The hotel module allows you to trigger phone calls, configure wake-up calls, reconcile billing and many other common tasks from within your PMS. The unmatched synergy this provides makes hotel management simpler, easier and more efficient.

– Streamline check in / out operations

What steps do your staff go through when checking guests in and out?

Many of these can be automated by UC Cloud’s Hotel module. Simply set a room as in use through UC Cloud or your PMS, and it will automatically perform the following steps when checking a guest in:

  • Update the extension name according to your policies.
  • Enable outbound calls from the extension. If UC Cloud is integrated with your PMS, calls from the room’s extension will be linked to your guest’s account.
  • Removes all voicemail messages and re-provisions the handset to ensure data protection.

When checking a guest out and setting a room as vacant, UC Cloud will:

  • Remove the extension name.
  • Disable all outbound calls on the extension.
  • Remove any voicemails or recordings left for the previous guest.
  • Re-set the extension’s directory to your default list of contacts.

All of this at the press of a single button! UC Cloud makes checking guests in or out simpler than ever, and helps speed up your turnaround processes.

– Simple billing

Reconciling your guests’ calls for their bill never was an easy task. At best, you would have to trigger a CDR report from within your phone system. At worst, you may even have to manually search through call records. Both of these methods are time-consuming and leave a huge amount of room for error.

UC Cloud, together with popular PMS systems like Fidelio, automatically links all calls from a room’s extension to your guest accounts for the duration of their stay. The extension is automatically linked to a billing account at check in, then removed at check out.

All calls in this period can be sent to a text file and printed or emailed along with the final invoice for the room. You can even upload a rates sheet to UC Cloud to enable efficient, error-free billing of phone calls to your guests. This ensures total accountability and transparency, eliminating billing disputes.

– Advanced status controls

But what about managing your rooms while they are occupied?

Our Hotel module allows guests and housekeeping staff to set the status of each room from the handset. By dialling shortcodes, or pressing a linked button on the handset, your guests can set their rooms and handsets to Do Not Disturb. When they are ready, they can request cleaning by pressing another button.

Similarly, with UC Cloud’s Hotel module, maids and housekeepers can instantly update the front desk with the status of each room as they are cleaned, vastly speeding up the turnaround time of each room.

This allows you to take longer cleaning each room to a higher standard, while simultaneously reducing wait times at check in. It’s a win-win!

Hopefully by now it’s clear that our phone systems can help you streamline your processes, maximise productivity and increase customer service. We believe that UC Cloud will put your hotel in the best position to succeed now that restrictions are easing and the hospitality industry is picking up.

We’ve helped dozens of hospitality businesses reduce costs and improve efficiency over lockdown. If you’re interested in finding out more, why not arrange a demo of our Hotel module to see it in action?

Get in touch with the team on 01924 249499 or leave us a message on our website to arrange a Covid-safe meeting or a free no-obligation quote.