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A thoughtful approach to connectivity

Ubiquiti are leading providers of WiFi and IT solutions in the UK. Ubiquiti is unique compared to others in their field as they don’t just take a one-size-fits-all approach to connectivity. Each of their solutions is designed to suit different businesses and their specific requirements.

At YTL, we’ve built a fantastic relationship with Ubiquiti, installing and maintaining their systems for years. This means we can help you find the exact model to suit your business.


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Superior Wireless for Businesses

Ubiquiti systems are masters of adapting to any situation. Every office and business space is different and while many consumer services give you a great connection in one or two rooms, not everywhere is so lucky.

Ubiquiti’s access points allow you to keep every single spot of your premise well-connected.
At YTL we’ll work alongside your team to find the model that best suits your business needs, whether you’re supplying one premise or many.



Maximise connectivity in open spaces

Many teams need to keep a wider area connected. Whether you work in events, sport or a range of other industries, your staff and customers all need to be able to access a reliable connection no matter how far away they are from your main building. Ubiquiti and YTL can help here.

Ubiquiti’s long range access points guarantee that there will be no blackspots on your premise, no matter how large. At YTL we can consult and plan your installation, meaning you get the best connection for the best price.



Super-fast connections for your devices

We use more devices for business than ever before. Especially since the rise of agile working, we now use mobiles and tablets just as much as our PCs in the office. All of these devices put an added strain on your network.

Now is the perfect time to refresh your approach to connectivity, Ubiquiti’s systems take an intelligent approach to your devices, allowing you to clearly see where your bandwidth is being used, and at YTL we can advise where improvements can be made.

Access WiFi 6

WiFi 6 is here. This new update to the UK’s internet network brings with it a huge range of new benefits to businesses. Improved battery life, better connections in crowded environments and faster streaming are just some of the new features you can access.
To access the benefits of WiFi 6, you need connectivity infrastructure that supports it. Ubiquiti’s new range of access points do exactly this.

Speak to the YTL team to find out more.

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The team at YTL understood our needs

“The team at YTL understood our needs and helped us to find a system that really did meet the unique requirements that an organisation like ours has.” – RSPCA Derby

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