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Top 10 communication features for the manufacturing industry

At YTL, we believe it’s important to match our clients with the best phone system for the job; there’s no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution. Our communication platforms offer class-leading customisability, giving us the ability to tune your system to your unique requirements.

We’ve got a lot of experience in the manufacturing sector, so we’ve written this list of the top 10 features, in no specific order, that our existing clients love about our phone systems.

  • CRM Integration. Keeping track of each of your clients is essential, so CRMs are virtually ubiquitous within the manufacturing sector. Integrating your CRM with your communications platform unlocks powerful features that streamline workflows. They automatically update your database every time a client is contacted. In a competitive industry where customer service is everything, a fully integrated communications suite can give you a leg-up over your competitors and improve customer outcomes.
  • Call analytics. Every opportunity is valuable in the manufacturing industry, so maximising the operational efficiency of your phone system can pay dividends by eliminating unreturned missed calls. The call analytics module in our phone systems is designed to work just as well for small customer service teams as they do for large multi-site contact centres. This means that our analytics tools are all you’ll ever need to use, giving you all the essential information you need at a glance.
  • Long range, rugged DECT handsets are indispensable in a noisy, dusty and hectic work environment like a warehouse or factory. We have a wide range of advanced wireless handsets that are specifically designed for use in rugged environments. We can provide IP68 rated waterproof handsets that use HD codecs to deliver the best call quality possible. This guarantees you’re always within reach of your colleagues, no matter where you are on site. Our DECT handsets provide both the signal and quality that you can rely on.
  • Advanced call recording systems eliminate on disputes by securely storing a recording of every call. Our phone systems’ recording modules are all GDPR compliant, giving you the confidence that you’re following all regulations and guidelines. In the manufacturing industry, small differences in wording can make a big difference in engineering and design, so being able to refer back to previous discussions can be an incredible time-saver.
  • Mobile apps have a number of advantages in the manufacturing industry. Foremost among these is the improved contact between remote teams and headquarters. Being able to get in touch with sales, engineering, and installation staff while they’re at client sites ensures that you’re able to rapidly react to changing situations, keeping everyone in the loop.
  • Cheap VoIP call rates are a bonus for any business. In manufacturing and engineering, particularly larger firms that do work outside the UK, they are a must-have. At YTL, we bundle UK landline and mobile calls with our phone systems, and take advantage of the cheaper call routing inherent to VoIP to deliver competitive international call rates.
  • Virtual phone numbers can help you expand your presence to different areas of the UK and even internationally without ever leaving your office. VoIP numbers are not linked to your physical address. So you can use numbers from any area code in the UK and most countries around the world. Publishing local numbers in the areas that you operate helps you to take advantage in the enormous growth of local web searches. Search engines prioritise business results local to the searcher, so making your business local to everyone will help you capture more leads and inspire confidence.
  • Cloud-based systems eliminate the complex maintenance requirements of their on-site equivalents, freeing up your resources and office space to be put to better use. Cloud communications systems like ours provide reliability, availability, security and even features that simply can’t be matched by on-premise systems.
  • Auto attendants seamlessly route all callers to the right team for the job. It’s no good having your call answered by someone in the accounts team when you’re looking for some engineering support. Keeping your phone lines organised and orderly with a clear and simple auto attendant can transform the efficiency of your phone system, helping your staff resolve more customer queries. Our advanced phone systems can even integrate with voice recognition modules and support customer PIN entry; impress your clients by greeting them by name every time they call!
  • Powerful voice and video conferencing features have proven their worth over the last few years. While we’re not advocating to entirely eliminate the face-to-face meeting, using video conferences where appropriate instead of travelling to a client’s office saves you both time and money. It’s not uncommon for our clients in the manufacturing sector to use our phone systems to host conference calls with a dozen or more attendees from engineering and design departments. There’s no need to fork out for separate conference services; our phone systems provide feature sets that match the best in the industry.

Get in touch with our team on 01924 249 499 to find out more about our phone systems. We’d be happy to help you get the most out of your communications solution for your manufacturing business.