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The partners and services that help us achieve our killer combination – service and quality

If you’ll allow us to butcher an old proverb, it takes a village to deliver top class customer service and quality.

At YTL, we believe that we partner with some of the best vendors, networks and service providers around, combining the strengths of each of them to provide you with the best business communications solutions available.

In this blog post we will discuss our partners, and explain why we’ve selected their services.

Internet and Connectivity Solutions

Between them, our connectivity partners provide practically every business broadband solution on the market. From simple ADSL to superfast Fibre and the guaranteed reliability of Leased Lines, we can provide our clients with the ideal product for them.


We partner with KCOM to provide the most reliable fibre broadband available. KCOM operate nationally, but we’re very proud to be a part of their programme to develop fibre connectivity for small businesses across Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


CityFibre have the largest and most resilient FTTP network in the UK. We’ve found that their commitment to customer service and high quality connectivity is a great match for our clients. Their network really is second to none, making them the perfect partners for our Leased Line services, giving us the ability to provide a private connection at any speed between 10Mbps and 10Gbps.

9 Group

9 Group are our other partner for standard and superfast broadband services. With their combination of phenomenal customer service and high quality connections, we’ve found that 9 Group’s ethos matches brilliantly with our own, helping us to deliver connections with industry-leading reliability across the country.


The handset that sits on your desk at work every day does more than almost anything else to shape your opinion of the phone system you use. We’ve chosen our hardware partners for their exceptional build quality, reliability, and ease of use.


Yealink have certified YTL as Platinum Partners, which gives us access to the top level of manufacturer support direct from Yealink as well as allowing us to pass cost savings on to you. Yealink’s handsets provide excellent audio quality and have been designed with a great attention to detail.

iPECS Handsets

For our Public or Private Cloud phone systems, we provide Ericsson-LG’s own iPECS handsets. While all IP handsets are compatible with iPECS phone systems, iPECS handsets can use proprietary protocols to provide even deeper integration and access to more features direct from your desk. iPECS handsets are renowned for being very user-friendly, and all provide HD audio.

Phone Systems

There are a lot of different phone systems available, and they weren’t all born equal. Out of the dozens of phone system manufacturers on the market, we’ve chosen the two that we feel suit our ethos the best.

3CX – UC Cloud

3CX may not be a household name, but they’ve been at the cutting edge of the business phone system market for decades. Their phone systems are remarkably simple yet incredibly powerful. We’re a 3CX platinum partner, and use their architecture to underpin our UC Cloud service.

Public and Private Cloud – Ericsson-LG iPECS

Our Public and Private Cloud communications systems are built on iPECS architecture, which is created by Ericsson-LG. Those are two names you’ve definitely heard of. As you’d expect from these industry titans, their Unified Communications platform is innovative, incredibly reliable and uniquely expandable.


Together with our partners at Biscuit IT, we provide networking solutions to our clients from two of the biggest and best regarded names in the industry.


Draytek routers have perhaps the best reputation among those who work in the industry. They’ve built this reputation for reliability, speed and functionality over a long time; we’ve been working with Draytek hardware for more than twenty years.


Ubiquiti’s WiFi solutions are second to none. We’ve built a great working relationship with them, thanks to our years of experience installing and maintaining Ubiquiti systems. Like us, Ubiquiti systems are incredibly adaptable, giving you the ability to manage multiple offices from one central network dashboard.


We’ve partnered with two of the largest UK mobile network operators to create custom tariffs for our business mobile customers. This allows us to trim the fat out of your business mobile contract, giving you everything you need and nothing you don’t.

EE, Vodafone and O2

Our network partners, EE, Vodafone and O2, provide 4G coverage across practically the entire country. EE are also the first network to roll out 5G in Yorkshire, with Vodafone and O2 not far behind them. We’ve found that having more than one network partner allows us to ensure the best possible experience for our clients; with exceptionally detailed network maps we can recommend the network with the strongest signal in your area of operation.

So that’s it! This overview of our service partners should give you a good idea of what we can do for your business. As you can see, we’ve chosen these partners based on the strength of their services and the benefits they can bring to our clients.

At YTL, we bring these fantastic products and services together under one umbrella, backed up by our unmatched commitment to quality customer service.

Want to find out more? Give us a call on 01924 249 499 we’d be happy to help.