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The expansion of the UK’s fibre network, and what this means for your business

The UK’s communications regulator, Ofcom recently published some interesting statistics regarding the rollout of fibre broadband in the UK. They have said that due to the rise of remote working and the general advancement of broadband across the country, that 7 million homes are now able to take-up full-fibre internet packages.

Similarly, nearly 12 million homes in the UK can access broadband capable of gigabit speeds (download speeds) of up to 1 Gbit/s. A huge proportion of this advancement has happened in 2021. With 40% of homes now eligible for gigabit speeds, this is up from 37% in January. With this trend set to increase, what does this mean for UK businesses?

That’s what we’re here to answer today. At YTL, we believe that our customers should always be equipped with the right connectivity that suits their needs. With the rise of remote working over the last 18 months, it was often difficult to ensure that home workers could access a reliable connection. This means that the news of the fibre network’s expansion could mean a great deal for the accessibility of flexible working in future. Here’s how it can benefit your team.

Make agile collaboration a reality

When a business adopts a remote working policy, the end goal is usually to be able to replicate every process from the office, in a remote environment. Collaboration is a huge part of this. It’s often the first thing people cite as a difficulty when working from home. Being able to access high-speed internet from home goes a long way to resolving this issue.

The high upload and download speeds provided by fibre broadband make video conferencing more accessible than ever. This means as long as you equip your staff with an effective communication service, such as our UC Cloud platform, they can always stay in touch. To help facilitate stronger communication between colleagues, we’d recommend hosting regular team meetings.

File sharing between teammates is also put in jeopardy by a poor connection. Without the ability to reliably get files to each member of your team, it’s impossible to properly stay informed and out-dated information may be sent to customers. The high-speed upload provided by a fibre connection makes this easier than ever. Working with a cloud computing service such as Office365 makes it easy for your staff to quickly pick up their work from the office, wherever they are.

Make mobiles work for you

Another interesting stat released by Ofcom this month was how the pandemic changed the way we use our phones. Ofcom’s Mobile Matters research revealed that smartphone users spend 73% of their time on their mobile connected to WiFi rather than mobile network. This is naturally due to the fact that we were all stuck at home for an extended period of time. However, this stat also reflects a change in working practices that businesses can take advantage of.

Whether it’s just checking your emails or carrying out any number of business processes, mobiles provide a great range of uses. Businesses can use call routing to take advantage of this. When staff are out of the office, they can use UC Cloud to handle their usual call processes on the go. This is all handled through one app and means staff still use their company number, can manage calls from any ring groups they are a part of, all without causing disruption to any of your business’ phone lines. This allows them to easily carry out their normal duties on-the-go or at home. The expansion of the fibre network greatly speeds up this process.

If this service sounds interesting to you, make sure your team’s mobiles have the software required to handle this process. At YTL we offer a range of the latest mobiles on cost-effective tariffs. Get in touch to learn more.

Other services made accessible with high-speed broadband

Ofcom’s statistics revealed that the median average broadband speed in the UK is now 50.4 Megabits per second. This is up 20% on average speeds from November 2019. With these speeds only set to rise, here are some of the fantastic features now available to businesses.

We’ve already covered video conferencing with your team, but what about customer communications. New internet enabled services such as WebRTC are redefining the way that businesses connect with customers over the internet. With this service, no apps or installations are required to access a video conference or online presentation. Just click a link and start presenting to customers. With a high-speed connection, your staff can take advantage of this service to great effect.

Similarly, if you’re safe in the knowledge that your team can get online from home, you can implement a business continuity plan. If your team aren’t currently equipped with a decent broadband connection, then their property may be eligible for an upgrade under the broadband universal service.

For more information about business connectivity, or any of the services mentioned here get in touch with our team. We’ll be happy to help! You can reach us at 01924 249 499 or