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The 5 ways that VoIP can help small businesses

At YTL, we believe that VoIP represents the future of telephony for businesses; have you made the switch yet?

VoIP can be transformative for a small business. The best VoIP systems, like our UC Cloud system, scale seamlessly with you as you grow, they also cut your expenses and introduce enterprise-grade mobility.

This blog article explores 5 of the most important ways VoIP can help small businesses succeed.

Cost and efficiency

Unlike the more traditional ISDN systems, Cloud-based VoIP solutions like ours come with no up-front costs, and no unnecessary hardware to install.

Not only does this mean you can be up and running with your new system in a matter of hours, but it also introduces fixed telecoms costs to your business, perhaps for the first time.

Because VoIP works over the internet, the cost of calls is vastly reduced compared to what you may be used to. In fact, VoIP calls are so affordable that we can offer unlimited UK calls with our phone systems. All you’ll ever have to pay is the monthly user charge in your contract.

More than anything else, this gives your business security. In uncertain times, the consistency of a YTL VoIP service can make all the difference.

Mobility and BYOD

Have you forwarded office calls to your mobiles while working remotely over lockdown? If so, you may have encountered some painful phone bills.

VoIP systems like ours provide a better solution than forwarding every call back out of your phone system to reach remote workers. We bring the remote workers to the phone system with an industry-leading mobile app.

Our phone systems can be used from any smartphone, tablet, laptop or PC, entirely eliminating the need for cumbersome desk phones. These apps also allow your staff to sign in to their office extensions from anywhere. This makes internal calls between colleagues completely free. With everyone connected to the same system, your teammates are never more than a few clicks away.

Softphone apps have the added benefit of keeping you connected to the office and to your clients when you’re out and about. Working on a customer’s site for the day? No problem, just sign in to the app and all calls to your extension will be routed straight to you.


Many small businesses have struggled to keep their calls “in-house” while working from home.

With no simple way to access an older ISDN system over the internet, many remote workers resorted to using their home phones, or even personal mobiles to communicate over lockdown.

While this was fine as a temporary emergency solution, it does nothing to improve your company’s professionalism. Making the move to a VoIP system lets your staff connect and collaborate as easily from home as they would in the office.

Promoting internal collaboration is just one side of the coin, though. Keeping all of your business calls on the same platform guarantees that there’s no confusion over whether a customer has been called back or a call was answered. Just check the call logs, or add a wallboard solution to see all your statistics at a glance.

When you’re back in the office, VoIP systems also have the benefit of making inbound call management simple. Advanced auto-attendants and queues reliably route your callers to the right team for their query. Professionally recorded on-hold marketing keep your clients informed and engaged while they wait. They can even answer many common questions for callers, like opening hours and location, and can let your customers know about your latest deals and promotions.


VoIP phone systems like ours can work at the core of your business, linking all of your other business services together to form a cohesive, holistic suite of tools.

Put simply, a deeply integrated VoIP system can add value to all your other business systems.

Some of the services our phone systems integrate with include:

– A vast range of third-party CRMs, including Salesforce, Zoho, Zendesk and many others. This unlocks incredible time-saving features like click-to-dial and screen popping, and even integrates call recordings with your customer notes.

– The most popular hotel and restaurant management systems. Add phone system features to your property management systems to automate common tasks like reservations, booking confirmations and even check-in/-out procedures.

– Microsoft Teams. The incredible cloud productivity suite can be enhanced by integrating each user with their phone system extension. This gives your staff one app to log in to each morning and ensures that you can reach colleagues at the touch of a button.

The advanced RESTful API support in our phone systems ensures that we can integrate with literally thousands of third-party software packages. Get in touch with us to see if we can work with your systems.


If your business has been lucky enough to expand rapidly in the past, you’ll know that it can come with costs.

Upgrading an older phone system’s capacity to match your growth is rarely simple, and almost never cheap. On-site systems are hampered in this way by having essentially static capacity. Once you’ve reached the limit of your hardware’s capabilities, expanding further can require huge investment.

In much the same way that Office 365 scales seamlessly with your business, putting no hardware barriers in your way, our VoIP systems offer practically unlimited room for expansion.

Start as small as you like, and simply add extensions and extra call capacity as and when you need them. This is one of the key benefits of cloud systems, particularly for small businesses. Costly hardware upgrades can cause your business nasty growing pains, so why not let us take care of it instead?

Do you want to find out more about our VoIP systems? We’d love to give you a demo!

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