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Tech to help the recruitment sector thrive

The recruitment sector has had an extraordinary 18 months. With lockdowns and restrictions rampant, it has been nearly impossible to maintain the usual level of service, let alone make advancements and improvements to businesses and support the sheer amount of new jobseekers created by the pandemic. Recruitment teams have shown a great level of resiliency and adaptability though. They’ve created many new ways to work through this difficult time. With things hopefully on their way back to normal, it’s time for teams in this industry to look toward the future.

There is a lot of technology out there specifically designed for teams in the recruitment industry. At YTL, we’ve worked alongside teams in this industry for years. We have a great idea of what works and what doesn’t. With this in mind, here is our guide for the best tech available to get the recruitment sector back on track.

CRM Integration

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services are absolutely essential for the recruitment sector. It’s important to have the details of each potential applicant and client ready in the case an opportunity arises. As such the recruitment sector makes strong use of services such as Bullhorn and RecruitmentWorx.

Through these services, data on applicants and employers is readily available. CRM integration on your phone system takes this one step further. Our communication services integrate alongside recruitment CRMs in order to create a seamless experience. Whenever a known contact calls in to your business, their details stored on your CRM will appear, allowing you to greet them by name and immediately understand their requirements. This creates a professional way to answer any queries more efficiently. New contacts can also be  automatically added to your phone system through the CRM.

Seamless mobile working

Working with increased flexibility is essential in the modern business environment. Whether the office is completely inaccessible, or staff just need to access their work on the go or at home, there are steps to improve productivity in any environment.

Our communication service works at its best on a device of your choice. From laptops and desktop PCs, to mobiles and tablets, no matter how you want to work, you can always perform at your best. Instead of being powered by traditional phone lines, you are supported by an internet connection. This creates a fully portable communications platform. This keeps your team productive as they can put down the phone at the office, pick up their mobile and work with the exact same set of data and features.

Call recording

Keeping clear and organised records is essential for a sector such as recruitment, where many different people need to be dealt with in a professional manner. You keep a clear record of important documents, so why not keep record of the most important calls?

Our call recording service allows you to keep a digital signature of each of the most important calls. This means you can refer back to this information securely when needed, and it also allows you to settle any disputes should they arise. It also provides a fantastic resource to train both new and existing staff in dealing with both prospective job seekers and clients looking to recruit.

Scalability and flexibility

Right now the job market is in a very tumultuous position due to the uncertainty caused by the pandemic. This means it’s an incredibly busy time for recruitment agencies like yours. Coping with this demand requires growth, and that’s where the scalability of cloud communications can help you thrive.

With a cloud system, you only pay for the services that you need. If you need to expand your team, simply acquire more licenses and you can start communicating instantly. Similarly, unlike a traditional phone system, if times are quiet and you do not have large numbers of staff on site, you don’t have to maintain your scale. A cloud system simply helps you to meet demand. This also facilitates better remote working, staff can simply drop in to the office remotely, and start working at maximum efficacy.

Backups and security

The first tip any IT or security specialist will give to a business is this, make a backup! Especially for teams in recruitment, who handle large volumes of sensitive data, it is absolutely crucial that this is kept secure.

Thankfully, our communications services are fully supported by our cloud data centres. This means that if your office is hit by a power outage, bad weather or other adverse conditions, your data is safely stored in an area that won’t be affected by any local issues. Similarly, we work alongside our sister company Biscuit IT to provide businesses with effective and versatile cyber-security solutions. Ideal for recruitment agencies.

We know that recruitment teams are going through a challenging time right now, catering to huge demands. We hope that some of the services mentioned here can make a difference, for more information about anything listed here, get in touch at 01924 249 499 we’d be very happy to help.