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Stay Prepared! Communications and Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery and business continuity are terms that have become increasingly common in recent years, and for good reason. Many businesses believe that because their technology and office set up works on a day-to-day basis, then it is secure forever. This just isn’t the case.

The pandemic was a perfect example of this, but there are countless ways that businesses can be caught out. Bad weather, a lost key or power outage can all cause severe downtime. Without having a backup in place, or services that can react to changing circumstances with agility, you can be in real trouble. We believe, this is where we can help.

At YTL we have encountered many organisations who have faced extended downtime because they did not have a business continuity plan in place. So, we’ve put together this guide detailing the technology that can help, and where they could be useful for your team.

Don’t be bound by your office phone system

Depending on your industry, your communications might still be bound to your physical office system. Business continuity can be better achieved with solutions that work just as effectively on the go. A great example of this is our UC Cloud Service.

UC Cloud provides your team with one app that becomes your go-to for any of your communications needs. This app can be accessed from your PC or mobile and allows you to access your work from any location with an internet connection. This means if your office is inaccessible, you can easily access the ability to call, host conferences or send messages.

UC Cloud is more than just a communication app though. It also allows you to access all your contacts through CRM integration. Records of individual conversations can also be accessed quickly through a global search function. This allows you to refer to messages for customer service purposes. Finally, you can share and edit files alongside colleagues in real time. Supporting productivity as well as communications away from the office.

Enable Teamwork on the go

Working alongside colleagues is one of the biggest benefits of the office environment. When businesses are working remotely that ‘real time’ collaboration is at risk of being lost. While this sounds like a mild inconvenience it can have worrying consequences.

If your team does not have a proper way to co-ordinate while working remotely then customer service and productivity will be sacrificed as a result. Customer interactions will take longer and be more resource intensive. In addition to this, staff who feel isolated tend to produce work that is not up to standard.

The way to inspire teamwork is by making it more accessible. Services such as Unified Communications software do this with ease. UC platforms give your staff the resources and ability to stay in contact with their teammates and work at their best.

It does this through systems like Integrated Presence. Presence shows the status of each of your team members, no matter where they are working. This means that if your team are ready to communicate or busy, you can know in an instant. This removes that feeling of being left in the dark.

UC apps are accessible from a device of your choice and have an easy-to-understand interface. This creates an environment where working remotely is viable for any user, no matter their technical ability.

Maintain strong customer care

In a situation where your office communications services are inaccessible, one of the first areas that suffer are your customer relationships. a lot is lost without strong communication tools. Modern communication services are designed with integrations and customer-based features that make providing an excellent customer experience simple.

One of the services that is becoming essential to the customer service process is CRM integration. This tool is a lifesaver for a variety of organisations This service allows your phone system to work alongside your customer databases, showing any customer’s details as soon as they dial in. This can be valuable to remote workers who might not have all of this data immediately accessible. It also allows you to initiate calls directly from your CRM, making the whole process much smoother.

CRM integration and other remote communication tools can be accessed through one of our Public Cloud Systems or UC Cloud. If you are worried about your staff’s ability to get online and access these systems, you should also check out our internet connectivity solutions.

We hope this guide has shown the importance of maintaining a strong communication platform that can support your team, even when you are working away from the office.

If you have any questions about the services mentioned here, or want to find out about other ways you can protect your business, get in touch. We’ll be happy to help. You can reach our team here at 01924 249 499