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Intelligent Guest Wi-Fi

Easily accessible Wi-Fi is one of the most valuable things a business can provide its customers today. Being able to get online no matter where you are can give a huge boost to customer satisfaction, why not make the most of this service then? With Social Wi-Fi you can tailor the guest experience to suit you. Send guests to your website before they log on or make them like your page on social media. The options for marketing your business through social Wi-Fi are endless.

True Customer Insights

Using Social Wi-Fi you can find out more about your customer demographics. One way to access high speed internet is a short survey that they can fill in with all the useful information you need to know. From a customer’s locality, to their age to their contact details. The data you gather can help inform your marketing decisions moving forward. Send tailored marketing materials to customers who provide their email addresses according to the information that they provide. Everyone likes to be addressed by name, even in marketing emails!

GDPR Compliant

Social Wi-Fi is fully compliant with all GDPR regulations, allowing you to engage with your customers in a secure, safe and intelligent way. Instead of being met with the same boring sign-in screen to access Wi-Fi, make sure your business presents itself in the best possible light. You can also connect just about any social media you can think of to your Wi-Fi platform, from Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, no matter what industry you are working in, there is always something to gain.

Guest Engagement

Find out valuable insights about the ways that your guests interact with your business. Whether they are media savvy or not, you can get through using the means that best suits them. Repeat customers make up 60% of a business’s customer base, make sure you tailor your approach to them. You can use Social Wi-Fi to harness customer loyalty to send customised email campaigns and marketing materials to your customer base, through the means that will ensure they see it. It’s not all marketing though, you can even send rewards to loyal customers.

Increase your brand engagement

The vast majority of business is generated by customers who already know who you are. However, a challenge for many businesses is reminding those potential repeat customers just who you are. This is exactly where Social Wi-Fi shines. After collecting customer data in an unobtrusive and simple way, you can then tailor marketing materials and loyalty schemes to keep bringing people back for more. Social Wi-Fi is a new way of utilising one of your business’ most valuable assets, your Wi-Fi.

The Benefits of Social Wi-Fi

Build Customer Loyalty

Using Social Wi-Fi you can easily track which of your customers visited your businesses at any time, you can use this to build loyalty and provide a range of offers that will keep them coming back for more.

Harness Feedback

Social Wi-Fi can also be a great way to find out what your customers are thinking. Include a simple feedback form on your sign-in page to get reviews of new products, services and more. Your approach should always be built around what makes your customers happy.

Utilise Reviews

One of the first places a customer will look when finding a new business is the reviews that previous patrons have left, asking for reviews from your Social Wi-Fi service will drive more new customers to you through the feedback you receive.

Personalised Messaging

Everyone likes to be referred to by name, even if it comes from a business! With Social Wi-Fi you can address each customer by name, creating a more individualised way to show off your latest products and services.

Build a Professional Image

Your online presence is one of the first things your customers will see when they visit your company. When they log in to your Wi-Fi they should be greeted by a professional image. Social Wi-Fi allows you to direct customers to the content that you want them to see.

Understand Demographics

Having a clear idea of the kind of people who use your business can be invaluable. Whether you want to shift marketing to cater to your base, or change of approach to appeal to someone new, Social Wi-Fi gives you the data you need.

The team at YTL understood our needs

“The team at YTL understood our needs and helped us to find a system that really did meet the unique requirements that an organisation like ours has.” – RSPCA Derby

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