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Business Continuity Guaranteed

Your business needs to be ready for any eventuality. Recent times have shown us that if a business cannot adapt to a changing set of circumstances then it cannot survive for long. Thankfully, bringing a new sense of agility to businesses is exactly where we thrive.

Our solutions are designed to bring flexibility to businesses on an unparalleled scale, from Cloud phone solutions that allow for you to reroute calls to your home network to business mobile solutions that make way for new ways of working. You can guarantee your team can work efficiently, wherever they are.

No Hardware


Stay in touch wherever you are

Make sure you are always accessible. Having a business continuity plan in place means that even if you cannot reach your office, your business is never hindered.

Making use of one of our public Cloud phone systems is a sure-fire way to make sure you will always have the same communication benefits available to you and your team whilst working remotely. Keeping your staff connected is crucial to boosting your team’s morale and productivity.



Prioritise Customer Service

Your business’ customer facing processes are some of the ones that are most likely to be affected by poor communication whilst your team are working from home. Whether it is sales or support processes, the last thing your customer wants to see is a video conference drop out or a call to end unexpectedly.

A Unified Communications service allows for you to stay in touch with customers and colleagues whenever you need to, its instant messaging capability lets you coordinate with your team the best way to approach your customer processes.



Enable Teamwork

Businesses thrive when they can work together, but we understand that this can be tricky when you’re working from home. All of our communication solutions are built to keep teams together, you can host team meetings simply using UC Cloud, and make sure that everyone has a reliable internet service thanks to our data connections.

Modern businesses are built on a platform of teamwork, if your remote staff are held back from this then your business can lose valuable insight, make sure everyone is on the same page.

Complete Business Flexibility

At YTL we have fully embraced the rise of agile working and believe that more businesses have the capacity to do the same. We have seen the benefits that it has brought to employee wellbeing whilst also creating a real rise in productivity.

Agile working allows businesses to prepare for any situation and work through them without sacrificing any degree of efficacy. Create a working environment for your staff that allows them to collaborate and communicate in the best way possible, no matter the circumstances.

We can react to issues quickly and communication has improved

“The new phone system has allowed us to stay in touch in a much easier way. We can react to issues quickly and communication has improved.” – Kowsley Safari

Remote Working Solutions For Your Business

UC Cloud

UC Cloud is a fantastic tool for a flexible team. Allowing you to see which members of your team are online at any time is a huge boost for businesses. UC Cloud also allows you to access a wide range of communication tools from a device of your choice.

Public Cloud Systems

The advantages of a portable phone system are not to be ignored. With a Public Cloud phone system we keep all of the inconvenient equipment in our data centre whilst you can just take a handset with you remotely to access a full range of utility.

VoIP Systems

Communicating through the internet with VoIP has become a remote working powerhouse. The audio quality of this phone service is becoming unbeatable and being accessible from anywhere makes it a true no-brainer for any business looking to adopt agile working easily.

Business Mobiles

All of our mobile solutions integrate easily into the rest of your communications portfolio, providing a simple way to take all of your calls, messages and more with you on the go.


Every part of your business needs a strong internet connection. This goes beyond just your team making video calls and browsing the web. Everything, from your company website to any VPNs your business uses, requires good broadband.

Top Tips

We’ve assembled a blog post featuring our guide to working at your best remotely. From having a designated workspace to the right technology. We’re here to help you work at your best, take a look and see what you think!

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