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Private Cloud Phone Systems

Take full control of your business communications. Our Private Cloud phone systems are hosted and operated on-site at your premises. For businesses that want to customise their communications, these solutions are great, letting you set up your own phone system in a way that makes them powerful, secure and hard-wearing. If resilient communications are what your business needs, then our Private Cloud solutions are for you.

Private Cloud Systems

Private Cloud Client Support

Set up a Private Cloud client that is tailored to your business. Your team can host all of their communications in one simple-to-use portal. This is amazing for a business that wants to keep all of their team members connected whilst still presenting a professional image.

Our private cloud solutions fully support you setting up and controlling your own client, allowing you to keep your staff on the same page.

Auto Attendant

Automatically transfer callers to an extension without any intervention on your end. Auto Attendants allow you to make sure customers speak to the right person, no matter how busy you are. With a Private Cloud system, a “virtual receptionist” will direct customers to the right person, so you don’t have to.

Helpful features like Auto Attendants that make life easier for your team are central to the way our cloud phone systems operate.

Call Recording

Call recording features can be immensely useful in helping your business to run as smoothly as possible. Analyse your customer calls to work out new ways to make the process run that little bit better. Ensure everyone is working at their best and protect your team from customer disputes.

Our Private Cloud system provides you with an easy way to record, access and organise your calls, making the whole process as simple as possible.

System Geographic Redundancy

If something does go wrong, your Private Cloud system always gives you peace of mind. Geographic redundancy means that your data is always backed up, no matter what happens. Your backup data can be stored in a different geographic region so it will not be affected by any local outages or disasters.
Safety is of the greatest importance with all of our products, and our Private Cloud systems are built with the best security features around.


Alongside our Private Cloud phone systems, we also offer a great range of handsets. These cater to every need your business may have. Whether you need a workhorse phone that can handle dozens of calls a day, to an executive model that supports video calling and more. We even have cordless handsets that you can take with you on the go!
Our handsets are all modern and up to date, so you can always find a solution that fits your team.

Total Phone System Control

The traditional on-premise phone system has been around for a while, yet they are still a popular choice for many businesses, and for good reason. They are great for businesses who want to fully control and customise their communications experience. If you want to set everything up yourself and create an experience that is fully tailored around the needs of your team, then our on-premise systems could be for you. With security and reliability prioritised above all else, this communication solution won’t let you down.

The Benefits of a Private Cloud System

Work at your Best Anywhere

A Private Cloud system hosted on your premise comes with the advantage of not heavily relying on an internet connection to work at its best. So, no matter what the broadband signal is like in your area, you can always work at your best.

Useful Integrations

You can tailor your cloud system to work with the tools your business already uses. From contact databases to CRM tools, no matter which productivity and communication services your team makes use of, a Private Cloud system provides great compatibility options.

One Upfront Price

As you host all the equipment yourself, with a Private Cloud system, there is just one bill to pay. You control everything from the equipment you host to the handsets you use. We supply the equipment and you handle the rest.

Comprehensive Feature Set

With all the features you could possibly expect from a modern phone system, your Private Cloud system is the one stop shop for your business communications. From Auto Attendants to call handling features and advanced statistics, whatever your business needs, we’ve got you covered.

Control the Safety of your Systems

Hosting your own communications means that the safety of your system is in your hands. We know this can be a real plus point to our customers so we’re happy to give you the choice. Host your system on site to gain maximum control of your communications.


As your business grows, you can easily build upon your Private Cloud infrastructure. Our systems support the addition of new lines and call servers as your operation expands, and we offer great prices on powerful handsets to keep your team communicating at their best.

Thank you to your team!

“Everyone at the school is very happy with the new phone system. Thank you to your team!” – Gomersal Primary school

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