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Phone systems for finance and legal teams

Finance and legal teams need to prioritise efficient customer interactions and professionalism at every turn. Clients in this sector can each be worth thousands, so we know how important it is to get every conversation right.

We also know many smaller businesses in these sectors are looking for a way to compete with the big boys. When large enterprises have vast human and technological resources, it’s difficult to know where to start. At YTL we believe the key to success lies in the way you communicate.

A professional phone system can change the way finance and legal teams work. It allows for faster response times and gives you more opportunities to develop deeper customer relationships. In today’s blog we’ll detail some businesses phone system features that can be easily implemented to make this happen.

Integrate your CRM:

Connecting your business phone system with the rest of your business technology is no longer as tricky as it once was. We know that the vast majority of legal and finance teams keep customer details stored on CRM software. It allows you to take that extra degree of care and to provide a personalised service.

We can help you take your CRM to the next level by integrating it alongside your phone system. This means that when customers or prospects dial in, you’ll see their details immediately on screen. This allows staff to greet them by name and offer a personalised service. CRM integration also saves time. If you quickly need to get in touch with a customer, just search the CRM and click their number to initiate a call.

Gather all the details:

Being detail-orientated is a must have for any new hires in the legal and finance sectors, so why don’t you extend this policy to the technology you use? Gathering useful data allows you to make each customer call more efficient for everyone involved. Your CRM is part of it, but you can gain even more valuable insights by recording calls.

Call recording is fantastic for small businesses. It helps you to make genuine improvements to your entire customer service process. With our service calls can be recorded unobtrusively, and then stored on a cloud database. You can then refer back to them at any time to monitor staff efficiency. This is a perfect training resource for getting new staff up to speed or helping anyone that’s struggling. It’s also a great way to spot any pain points on the customer journey that can be resolved later.

Connect multiple offices:

We know that all members of your team likely don’t work in the same office. Whether your legal or accountancy firm is split across multiple sites, or you have staff working from home it’s important to keep everyone connected.

In Yorkshire alone we’ve helped many businesses who struggle to get in touch with their own colleagues! This is just because they don’t have the right technology in place.

You need to ensure that every member of your team (in the office, at home or anywhere else) is working with the same communication system. For this you need a cloud system. Cloud communications are simple to install and are regularly updated with security patches and new features.

To keep remote workers in the loop, we also offer an application called UC Cloud. This service provides all the benefits and call handling features of a cloud phone system, in a desktop or mobile app. Find out more about UC Cloud here.

Improve professionalism on the go:

We know that one of the biggest ways that financial and legal teams can stand out from the competition is by appearing more professional. Sometimes it’s the little things that can exceed a potential customer’s expectations. With this in mind, here are 3 quick things you can do with a YTL phone system that can help:

  1. Connect company mobiles with UC Cloud – This allows you to route calls from your office phone system to your mobile. This means when you’re working on the go, you can answer customers using your office number and maintain better call quality.

  2. Use on-hold messaging – When customers call your business, what are they greeted by? If the answer is music from the 1990s, this isn’t good enough. On-hold messaging uses professional voice talent to introduce your business, let customers know useful details or cross-sell your additional services.

  3. Integrate with MS Teams – MS Teams is one of the most popular communication services today. The issue for businesses is that it lacks some vital call handling features, such as call transferring. We can integrate MS Teams with your phone system. This allows you and your customers to use this fantastic interface with more features at your disposal.

If you’re interested in any of the services or features mentioned here, we’d love to hear from you. You can get in touch with our friendly team at 01924 249 499.