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How improving efficiency can help tackle price rises

Business efficiency is always important. If you’re not getting the most out of your resources, quite simply you are wasting money. That’s never a good thing, but it’s particularly damaging in times like these…

The whole country is facing economic challenges right now. Inflation is high, and energy prices in particular are causing a lot of problems. Supply chain issues are slowing production, while on the demand side consumer spending looks to be declining.

This all affects different businesses in different ways. But the need for efficiency is universal, and under current circumstances it’s especially pressing.

We won’t pretend there’s a magic solution. But what we can offer is some advice based on our experience. For years, we’ve specialised in communication technology that’s designed to increase productivity. That seems timely, so we’ve written this blog to share some tips.  

The importance of communication

Whatever your sector or size, communication is integral to any business. Trouble is, if you’re not optimising the way that you communicate, it can really slow you down.

Meetings can drag on. Workflows hit bottlenecks. Tasks go unfinished and calls unanswered. Remote workers end up out of the loop and in the dark. This sort of everyday inefficiency is common. The question is: can your business afford it?

With best practice and the right technology, it’s possible to be so much more productive. Now we’ll look at some of the tools that can help.

Unified communications  

Lots of businesses have their communication spread across a bunch of different apps. You might use email, a separate chat app, personal phones for people on the go … How do you keep track of it all?

A great solution is unified communications, or UC for short. This basically means putting all your business communication channels on a single platform – so calls, video conferencing, instant messaging and voicemail are all in one place.

This centralises your communication records, so you can keep better track. It also saves time flicking between screens. You can think of it as a phone system, but the added features mean it’s so much more. And it’s hosted in the cloud, which means your team can log in and use it from anywhere. Because the calls are hosted online, you also save on steep landline call costs.

This may sound simple, but unsified communications can have a huge impact on your overall efficiency. By speeding up everyday communication, it can help you streamline your whole business. Next we’ll look at some of the efficiency-boosting features of a UC platform from YTL.


Here’s a common scenario. You need to get hold of a colleague to check something. You try calling but there’s no answer. So you email, but you’ve no idea whether they’ve seen it. You might only lose five minutes on this, which doesn’t sound like much. But if this sort of thing repeats multiple times, the waste really adds up.

YTL’s UC platform eliminates that waste in a simple but effective way. Each user has a presence setting, which means you can see in real time whether they’re available. Then you can simply choose the best way to contact them. A quick instant message might be all you need. It sounds small, but the time that presence saves really adds up in the long run!

Call analytics and recording

If you make and take a lot of calls, how do you keep track of them all? Do they sometimes go on longer than necessary? Do callers wait a long time to get through? Like any other part of the business, calls have to be efficient. If you can’t keep track of these details, it’s hard to get a grip on how much time you’re losing.

At YTL, we offer a call analytics package that takes the mystery out of this crucial area of the business. It’ll offer real-time reporting on call-related KPIs, as well as automatic scheduled reports. This allows you to make informed decisions about how you manage your resources.

Of course there’s a balance between quality and quantity. If you push too hard on speed, you might end up offering a worse service to customers by speeding through calls. This is why we offer call recording, which you can use for training and quality assurance. Where analytics will help you do better on quantity, with call recording you’ll do better on quality. Taken together, these tools can boost efficiency while still ensuring your customers get the best possible service.

CRM integration

This is another small-sounding solution that makes a lot of difference. At YTL, we can integrate your UC platform with your CRM. This means that your customer database and phone system are linked.

It may not sound like a big deal, but it speeds up so many processes you’ll repeat throughout the day. When a customer calls, their details will pop up on your screen along with any notes you have about them, allowing you to handle calls more quickly. For outbound calls, you use click-to-dial.

Maybe this only saves a minute or two per call. But multiply that by all the calls you take, and the difference is huge!

The next steps

Every business needs to be efficient, and every business relies on communication. The right technology can help you shave time off so many everyday tasks.

That’s what we offer. And while some telecoms companies are chasing the biggest sale, we do things the Yorkshire way. We’ll offer no-nonsense, honest advice on what’s best for you. Simple as that. If you think your business could do with communicating better, get in touch. You can reach us at 01924 249 499.