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On Premise, Public Cloud, or UC Cloud? Which is the right phone system for you?

Whether your business is just starting out, you’re moving office or you simply need an upgrade, deciding on a new phone system to support your business can be a challenge. Especially when you consider the range of options businesses have available to them now. One of the biggest questions you’ll have to ask yourself is whether to adopt hosted communications over a traditional on-premise system.

At YTL we offer a range of communications technology, all of which take advantage of the cloud to some degree. We feel that it is essential that our customers fully understand their phone system before they install it. So, to help businesses find the best solution for them, we’ve put together our ultimate phone comparison guide. This should hopefully help you and your team to weigh up the benefits of each system so you can make the best-informed choice about what works for you. We know that no two businesses are the same so we hope that this can help you find a system that is tailored to your needs.

Private Cloud – Take control with an On-Premise system

For some businesses, control and customisation is the key to success. If you have the space in your premises and the dedicated team to handle the maintenance, a private cloud system could be the one for you. With a private cloud system, there is a higher initial cost but for many teams this is offset by the resilience that they provide.

Our private cloud systems come with more security features built in than the average on-premise solution. Safety is one of our top priorities and this is best illustrated through system geographic redundancy. Through this feature, if something goes wrong at your site then your data is always backed up. The back-up is always stored in a different geographic region to your site as well, so it won’t be affected by any local outages.

On-premise systems have a reputation for being slightly behind the times. This isn’t the case with private cloud. As well as security features, they also come with up-to-date call handling, and auto attendant systems, as well as the ability to scale with your business easily.

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Public Cloud – A hosted system for enhanced agility

The need for businesses to be adaptable is greater now than ever, and this is no better reflected than in the rise of hosted communications. As opposed to a private cloud system , if you choose to go with public cloud, all of your systems are hosted in one of our secure datacentres, rather than on your site. This is a fantastic solution for many teams for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, you save a massive amount of space with a public cloud system. With no heavy servers or hardware to install, any team can equip themselves with a business-grade phone system. You are no longer constrained by the size of your office. Another benefit is scalability; when you need to add a new user to your system, you can do just that. All you need is a handset and a new licence, no installation required.

Public cloud systems are also designed with versatility in mind. Because they are not tied down by any heavy infrastructure, they allow you to work with more agility. You can access your system from home and work just as well. Features included such as video conferencing and enhanced stats and analytics help you to create a collaborative environment. This helps your team to stay on top of your customer service, even when working remotely.

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UC Cloud – Designed with the future in mind

Our UC Cloud platform is a new approach to communications. It takes the full feature set of the most robust phone systems and places it onto a device of your choice. Whether your team chooses to work on a laptop, mac or mobile, UC Cloud can support them. This is ideal for the modern business that requires agility at all times.

When working from home, your UC Cloud system can use integrated presence features to show which of your colleagues are online at any time and are available to take a call. This saves you time and enhances collaboration in any remote working scenario. You can use your mobile to make calls, send chat messages and host video conferences. These systems can revolutionise your internal communications but are also incredibly cost-effective for making external and even international calls as well.

UC Cloud works alongside all your existing productivity and scheduling software such as calendar systems. CRM integration is a huge plus as well, allowing you to access customer records quickly through a global search function. You can even initiate calls from your browser using UC Cloud. Just click the number and start the call.

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All three of these systems provide a huge range of functionality to businesses and each one suits different needs. Private cloud systems for example are fantastic for teams in rural areas where good broadband may not be widely available. UC Cloud systems on the other hand are great for teams who are always on the go.

We hope this guide has been helpful, but for the clearest picture it’s best to get in touch. Our team are always on hand to help to guide you on the system that works best for you. Get in touch here