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Must Have Communications Tools for the Hospitality Industry

The hospitality industry is returning, hopefully for good, but businesses have a monumental task ahead of them in terms of restarting their businesses.

It’s important to remind your existing customer base that you’re still there for them, as well as proving to new customers that your team is professional enough to provide the services that they need.

At YTL, we’ve spent years discovering which communication services can best support different kinds of businesses. The hospitality industry has been one of our main focal points during this time, so we believe we’re in a great position to help businesses get back on track.

Here are our picks for the 10 ‘must have’ communication tools for the hospitality industry.

10. Video conferencing – provide new insights into your services

Video conferencing was a lifesaver during the height of the pandemic. It provided us with a way to maintain the face-to-face connections that are essential for business. They can continue to support your team now that things are re-opening too.

Video conferencing services allow you to host webinars and events for your customers. This allows you to expand your outreach to customers who normally couldn’t access your services, and provides you with a face-to-face platform to present new services to your existing customer base. Of course, this is also a great way to keep your staff connected.

9. Social WiFi – Take advantage of your connection

Customers rank free WiFi as one of the most valuable additional services a hospitality business can provide for them. YTL’s Social WiFi product allows you to make the most of this.

When customers arrive at your location, Social WiFi directs them to a quick survey to fill in or asks for a like on social media in exchange for free access to your WiFi. Once any data has been provided, you will then be able to view your customer demographics, so your marketing efforts can be more targeted moving forward. It also allows you to reward repeat customers with special offers to keep them coming back.

8. Connectivity – Keep your business online

Following on nicely from the previous point, there is no point using a Social WiFi service, if your WiFi isn’t worth accessing. A strong connection is expected by both staff and customers alike.

Strategically placed Unifi WiFi access points across your premises ensures that there are no black spots, no matter the age of your building or size of your outdoor area.

7. DECT phones – Respond quickly on the move

We’ve all been there, there’s only one phone on site, and it’s a mad rush across your shop-floor or restaurant to reach it when it rings. DECT phones remove this worry. These compact, WiFi-enabled handsets have all the utility of a desk-phone but can fit in your back pocket.

This is ideal for the shopfloor or restaurant, but can best be put to use in hotels. Here the versatility and quick response times that DECT handsets provide can be a real lifesaver.

6. Onward billing – Efficiently charge customers based on their usage

One of a hotel’s biggest challenges is knowing exactly how much to charge customers on their way out. Their phone bill is one of these complications, but with UC Cloud’s hotel module it is made easy.

Onward billing allows you to instantly charge any activity to a customer’s account and can instantly wipe the phone logs as soon as a new customer moves in.

5. 3rd Party Integration – Keep your team connected

Creating cohesion between the different areas of your business is a key to success. Thankfully, our communication services integrate with a variety of 3rd party software to make this happen.

Connect your reception team to housekeeping at the push of a button. This also allows you to see the status of individual parts of your business at a glance, if a particular room isn’t ready for guests, you’ll be able to choose one that is.

4. Marketing On Hold – Highlight your latest services

No matter how responsive your team is, customers will always end up on-hold at some point. Making this time as engaging as possible is important.

On-hold marketing allows you to play interesting, professional messages to customers waiting in the queue. These can advertise your latest offers and additional services, allowing you to quickly raise awareness and inspire sales.

3. Call Recording – Your new favourite training tool

When new staff join your team, as many likely will during the re-opening process, you need to get them up to speed. Call recording is the best way to do this.

Our platform allows you to quickly record a call with a customers, in line with all regulations, and store it securely. From here you can use interactions with your top performers to train new hires in the way so they can hear examples of best practice. It also allows you to develop strategy with staff members that might be struggling.

2. CRM Integration – Look after your VIPs

Loyal customers make up a huge portion of your business’ revenue, it’s important to treat them right. CRM integration allows you to do so.

Our communication system integrates with the most popular hospitality CRMs. This means you can easily spot when a VIP is dialling in and view their name or other details, allowing you to provide a bespoke service. It also allows you to provide them with exclusive offers or automatically bump them up the call queue.

1. Analytics – Gain a clear understanding of your communications

Your communications are vital to your business, call analytics gives you the platform to improve them. This crucial service gives you all the details that you need to see. From missed calls, to your best operators, make sure all of your bases are covered.

This service will give you a clear view of how you can improve the customer service you offer going forward. If you find that you are receiving more calls on a Friday morning, or in June rather than January, you can allocate resources accordingly. This platform gives you the perfect way to support your team and customers.

We hope this guide has helped you to understand why communications can be the key to the success of your re-opening. For more information, get in touch with our team here at 01924 249 499, we’d be happy to help.