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Message, Call or Conference? Our top tips for making the most of UC Cloud

Unified Communications is set to define the way that businesses keep in touch in the coming years. Instead of being bound by a traditional phone system, a Unified Communications service can be accessed from any location and on a huge variety of devices.

UC services are designed with two main purposes in mind for businesses: customer service and collaboration. Customer service is naturally crucial for every business. A communication service needs to help your team answer every call, but also provide a bespoke experience to each client. Similarly, prioritising collaboration means that your team should be available and to work efficiently alongside their colleagues, no matter whether they’re in the office or at home.

At YTL we’ve developed our UC Cloud service to cover both of these needs, working alongside communications leader, 3CX. UC Cloud helps staff to access calls, messaging and video conferencing wherever they are on a device of their choice. It can be difficult to know exactly when to use each form of communication though, so today’s blog will explain how as well as a few of our other top tips.

Voice communication

Calls are the backbone of business communications and likely always will be. As much as instant messaging and video conferences are rising in popularity, nothing beats the speed or efficiency of just picking up the phone. UC Cloud is designed to deliver this service with some brilliant added features.

Voice communication is delivered via the internet with UC Cloud, rather than traditional phone lines. This means the quality of your call experience is only limited by your internet connection. It also means that the system is completely portable, allowing you to access voice communications in any location connected to either WiFi or a mobile signal. This means host and receive calls remotely just as well as you can at home.

Your business’ customer service processes can be managed entirely through UC Cloud’s call function. This is supported by additional features such as CRM integration, that allows your staff to access useful customer information on the go, as well as statistics that ensure that no customers are ever missed.

Video conferencing

Since 2020 video conferencing has exploded in popularity, it even featured on London’s New Year’s Fireworks. Whether you’re hosting customer calls, or reconnecting with your team, this service has become essential but only if used right.

Video conferencing shouldn’t be used in every situation. If you’re just checking that someone switched the lights off on their way out of the office, it’s probably not worth a video call. But for checking in on your remote staff, it represents a fantastic way to keep a team better connected. It can even be implemented into customer processes such as support or sales. In fact, we’ve seen entire sales team convert their operation to a remote model, entirely powered by a series of video conferences.

Collaboration is where video conferencing really shines. When your staff are away from the office, they can feel isolated and unproductive without regular check-ins with their team. UC Cloud’s video conferencing service allows you to reconnect. Whether it’s daily, weekly or monthly. We recommend hosting team calls, combining face-to-face discussion with screen-sharing and whiteboard features, so everyone can always stay informed.

Instant messaging

Sometimes you don’t have the time or the need to make a call or conference. Whether it’s just checking a minor issue, or you need a quick piece of information on the fly. In these situations, you need instant messaging.

Instant messaging is built into UC Cloud, and is the quickest way to reach colleagues or customers. You might be reading this and thinking, “I’ve already got a messaging service, it’s called texting”. That’s true, but UC Cloud’s service has a variety of improvements over standard consumer platforms.

Firstly, you gain instant access to all your business contacts, with UC Cloud’s presence feature keeping you informed as to which are available at any time. Similarly, you can access CRM data, including any notes that your colleagues have made on individual clients. This data can be massively valuable to support staff and being able to access it on UC Cloud mobile is very advantageous.

There are also a number of security benefits. Messages on UC Cloud are stored and for future reference, and all communications made through the service are end-to-end encrypted. This makes sure that the only people who receive communications are the ones who are supposed to.

This blog has only scratched the surface of the features within UC Cloud, for more information visit this page of our website or get in touch to receive a full feature list or demo. You can reach us here at YTL on 01924 249 499