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Communications for the manufacturing sector

The manufacturing sector handles orders and operations that are worth thousands of pounds every day, so why do many teams in this industry compromise on their communications? With the right technology and the processes to back them up, teams in this sector can access ways to make life easier for every member of staff. From connecting staff on the move, providing a better connection for your premises and collaborating with your team and your customers.

Communications for
any user

Teams in the manufacturing sector know that there is a huge amount of variety when it comes to how your staff work. Whether they are in the office, on the road or up on their feet. No matter how you go about your day, our communication services can support you. We offer a range of handsets that can work alongside each other in any environment. Our systems are also completely scalable, supporting your team as your operation grows.

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Keep track with Call Recording

It’s important to keep paper copies of your most important orders, so why not keep records of the most important calls too? We provide an unobtrusive call recording solution that is compliant with all industry regulations. You can use this service to keep a digital signature of customer specifications, all recordings are securely stored and can be accessed with ease whenever you need them.

Rugged handsets for the workplace

We know that there are many different working environments in the manufacturing sector, all of which require a different kind of device. This is where our DECT handsets can thrive. These rugged, WiFi enabled handsets are ideal for working on the go, facilitating great communications even in more challenging environments. This means staff can stay connected, wherever they are.

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Complete CRM Integration

The manufacturing industry uses a variety of specialist software to keep their customers happy. From databases to financial tools, when all these services work alongside each other it creates a winning formula. Our communication services integrate seamlessly with your CRM, providing customer information at a glance as soon as they dial in.

Keep large premises fully connected

Larger premises can struggle with maintaining a consistent internet connection. Whether there are dark spots in certain corners of the building, or you’re struggling to carry out data intensive tasks like video conferencing, we can help.

Our connectivity solutions are tailored to the unique needs of your premise, it isn’t a one-size fits all solution. We can help to guarantee that your essential processes always stay up and running, keeping your team and your customers happy.

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