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Ultimate Business Connectivity

Leased Line connectivity allows businesses to gain complete control over their broadband. It is essentially a private data connection that only you and your team can make use of. Your business can connect to this service to guarantee the effective handling of your essential processes such as websites and VPNs. Your team can carry out every part of their role that requires an internet connection, from VoIP calls, to video conferences, to sending emails. All are made more efficient by Leased Line connections.

Host Websites

If your business needs to host one or multiple sites, a Leased Line makes the process simple. There’s no quicker way to lose a customer than with a slow website, and a poor data service can cause this. Leased Lines make sure your sites, and all of their image and video elements, load quickly and consistently.

The average person spends 15 seconds on a website, and if yours has not loaded in that time, the customer will certainly look elsewhere. Leased Line connections stop this from happening.

Access VoIP

VoIP is the latest in flexible communications. It allows your entire team to access your high-quality voice and video calls no matter where they are working. This service can enable truly agile working, but it needs a reliable internet connection to work effectively.

Leased Lines give this stable connection. No matter where your team are working, they can make calls that won’t cut out and hold video conferences that allow for effective collaboration.

Symmetric Connection

With a Leased Line connection, your upload and download speeds are matched throughout your business. Normally, connections are weighted towards downloads, but symmetric connections have a variety of benefits.
With symmetric connections, your team can share large files easily between one another, and upload new data to your websites quicker. This also allows for you to easily backup your online data, to give you peace of mind.

Connectivity to Rely on

Now more than ever, businesses are incredibly dependant on internet or Cloud-based services for their communications, collaboration and more. The rise of home working has only exaggerated this need to stay connected. Though fibre broadband is becoming increasingly available across the world, many businesses rely on essential processes that need an even more sturdy connection. A Leased Line solution provides this.

The Benefits of a Leased Line


Leased Lines provide you with full control over your connection. You choose the speed that your business requires and only pay for what you need. This allows you to create a tailor-made broadband solution without breaking the bank.

High Speed Data

Ideal for sharing, VoIP calls and maintaining vital processes, Leased Lines provide you with a consistent, super-fast connection that is never brought down by other users in your area. Maintain a crystal-clear signal with both your customers and colleagues at all times.

No Contention Ratios

Leased Lines provide you with a private connection. You never have to be interrupted by the data usage of businesses or residential properties around you. With a Leased Line, you only have to focus on your own connection.

Fixed Charge

No matter how much data you use, if you invest in a Leased Line connection your bill will remain exactly the same. This makes Leased Lines perfect for keeping on top of your expenditure, and saves you from worrying about your team’s data usage.

High Level of Service

A vast reduction in latency across all of your business’ services will guarantee that when customers visit your site, they will have a positive experience. Leased Lines also save your colleagues by allowing them to avoid choppy connections and frustrating video calls.

Business Critical Services

Keep all of your vital services up and running at all times. Leased Lines prevent catastrophes from ever occurring, by guaranteeing that your websites, VPNs and backups always stay online.

The team at YTL understood our needs

“The team at YTL understood our needs and helped us to find system that really did meet the unique requirements that an organisation like ours has.” – RSPCA Derby

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