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Leased Lines and why it’s so important for businesses to stay connected

The world is becoming increasingly more connected. In our daily lives, our cars, watches and even fridges connect to the internet, and the same is true in business. The amount of internet enabled tools we use on a daily basis has increased dramatically, with the rise of remote working only accelerating the process.

Now many of the activities that we previously did in person are being carried out through the internet. We believe this is a good thing! Video conferencing and social media present many new opportunities for businesses, but they rely on a connectivity service that can support them. That’s why we’re here to help.

Without the right connection, businesses can’t keep up with the rapidly advancing tech world and are at risk of being left behind. There is new technology emerging all the time that provides more efficient ways to work, taking advantage of these systems should be a priority.

The way to access this and create a sustainable platform for the future is with a connectivity service tailored to your business. That’s exactly what we do here at YTL and the way we do it is through Leased Line connectivity. A Leased Line is a dedicated, powerful connection that allows your business to take advantage of truly incredible internet speeds. In this blog we’ll cover some of the unique benefits of Leased Lines, and the services they let you access.

Video conference as much as you want

Agile working is a fantastic new development for many businesses. The ability to stay connected with your customers and colleagues no matter where you work keeps everyone happier and more efficient. There is of course technology that helps this process run smoother, the big one here is video conferencing.

Video calls have a huge range of versatility in both customer relations and workplace collaboration. However, they can be highly bandwidth intensive. Even if your call is mildly interrupted by connection issues it can be very disruptive. If you are demonstrating a product or providing support, poor connections can harm your professional image.

A Leased Line synchronises your upload and download speeds to the same level; this means you can rely on a high-quality video calling service. With guaranteed access to video calls everyday communications are simplified, opening the door for new more advanced services such as webinars or virtual events.

Support your most crucial services

A slow internet connection doesn’t just affect those at your site, everyone who relies on your services are slowed down. A great example of this is any websites that you host. If you’re hosting your website at your location, then it will be held back by existing broadband. The average customer will only wait 15 seconds for a site to load before turning elsewhere. This presents an obvious challenge.

A Leased Line can provide you with the bandwidth to support your essential services. It also guarantees that they remain functional should your connection face an outage. This is also ideal for security services like VPNs, so you never need to let your guard down.

Discover a new way to market

Marketing is made difficult in an environment where over the past year fewer and fewer people were getting out and about. That’s where social media comes in. Social media marketing is booming right now, and one medium has had a huge impact on this channel more than any other. Consumers are far more likely to engage with video content rather than text or static images.

Video content is difficult to create, edit and distribute without a high-quality connection. The entire process is much slower and can lead to poorly created content, that doesn’t provide you with the leads you need. It can also massively slow down the work of your colleagues in turn.

Leased Line connections’ simultaneous speeds mean that creating and distributing your video content is a simple task. It also stops you from disrupting your colleagues, doing everyone a favour.

Keep your team communicating

The majority of new communications services are now internet-enabled. With the end of the ISDN phone network, most teams have switched over to VoIP services. These systems provide you with great audio and far more flexibility. There is no costly installation process, just plug them in and connect to the internet.

Of course, a strong internet connection is an essential, and once again a Leased Line can help. Thankfully audio communications are not bandwidth intensive for smaller teams, but with a Leased Line coupled with a VoIP phone system, you will be supported as your team grows.

We hope this blog has helped to inspire some new ideas when it comes to making the most of your office connectivity. If you have any questions about how a connectivity service can benefit your team, we’ll be very happy to help. Our experts can explain the right solution to suit your specific needs. Speak to the YTL team at 01924 249 499.