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Is hybrid working here to stay?

Although a lot of businesses are back in the office now, the world of work has changed forever. Many people discovered that when working remotely became an option, they actually much preferred it. From a productivity and morale standpoint it cut out busy commutes and put the focus back towards doing what really mattered.

We do also understand the desire to get staff back to the office. Without the right tools collaboration can be a lot more challenging, and there’s less oversight. You need to find a balance where your staff are working at their best, but you can also ensure that customer service and security are always up to scratch. That’s where many businesses have found hybrid working works best.

76% of businesses now claim that they’ve implemented some form of hybrid working policy. Whether this is their whole team or just a portion, it is clearly showing some serious benefits. If you’re looking to implement your own policy, here are some key services and practices that can help.

A clear meeting schedule

It’s great to allow more flexible working practices at your business, but you still need to keep everyone to a routine. Especially when you bring new staff on board, organising regular catch-ups helps to keep everyone on the same page.

For this you need technology that supports this kind of regular collaboration. The usual options are Zoom or some other form of consumer-grade video conferencing platform. This works but you’re limited in terms of your ability to schedule and organise, not to mention a lack of features when you’re on a video call itself. For businesses looking to implement hybrid working we recommend a unified communications (UC) platform.

Unified communications was initially developed to support businesses that worked across multiple offices. It includes video conferencing, voice calls and instant messaging alongside document and screen sharing. The standout benefit for hybrid workers is that UC platforms can be accessed on any location, and on just about any device.

Manage your business mobiles

Many teams have found that mobile devices are the best way to stay productive when working remotely. Whether you’re handling business calls from home or checking your emails on the train, there’s no doubt that there’s a huge number of benefits. But with so much company data now stored on mobiles, how can you keep safe? We have a few ideas.

The first and foremost is to implement a business mobile plan. Offering work phones to employees used to be a right reserved for executives, field sales staff and upper management. With the rise of hybrid working, however, there are new opportunities. Our business mobile plans help you get your whole team to work better with their mobiles.

First and foremost, we can help you find the cheapest mobile tariffs. We have great relationships with the UK’s big 4 mobile providers (Three, O2, EE, Vodafone). We can also provide network-agnostic SIM Cards that allow you to access the fastest network in your area wherever you are working. To mitigate any potential security risks we can install mobile device management software (MDM). This can be used to remotely wipe mobile devices if they are lost or stolen.

Consider remote sales processes

One of the roles that has seen the biggest changes since the shift to flexible working is sales. While there is still of course a place for the travelling field salesperson, different opportunities are now emerging. One of these has seen many companies switch to an entirely remote sales model.

This technique involves employing separate teams that guide customers through the entire sales process through a series of video conferences, from introductions to product demonstrations, sign-off and ongoing support. This massively saves on travel time and means you can increase the number of customers or prospects you can reach each day.

To work effectively though it requires two things, a great communications service and a strong internet connection. We’ve discussed the first of these, but if you’re looking for reliable office WiFi we can help here too. Depending on the scale of your operation we’d recommend fibre broadband, or if you’re lucky enough to be in an area with full fibre, take advantage of it. If you’re looking for an unbeatable level of reliability, speak to us about our leased line service.

Stay online on the move

If you’re handling calls on the move you need to maintain a consistent internet connection. Our range of mobile accessories can make this happen.

4G and now 5G connections are widespread, and you can take advantage of them on more than just mobiles by making use of our dongles. These connect your mobile to a device of your choice, allowing you to access superfast speeds when you need it.

If you’re working with colleagues on the move, you might not all be able to access the same signal. This is where our mobile hotspot can help. This is a small device that you can all connect to, providing a consistent WiFi connection powered by the user with the strongest connection.

If you’re interested in any of the features mentioned here, why not book a free consultation with YTL. You can get in touch at 01924 249 499