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How your communications can help with compliance

In every area of modern business there are a huge range of legal rules and regulations that you have to stick to. These are usually designed to keep your staff, customers and data safe and secure. We know that keeping track of how your business complies with every regulation can be challenging. Thankfully, technology providers understand this, and there are a number of great options that can help your business.

Today, we’ll take a look at the communications services that can help your business with regulatory compliance. It doesn’t sound like the most gripping subject, but we know for many industries it’s an essential one!

GDPR compliant call recording

Call recording is one of the most valuable communications tools in any business’s arsenal. It allows you to improve staff training, to better understand the needs of your customers, and to settle disputes. However, due to GDPR laws, businesses must be prepared to allow customers the right to access the personal data stored by any business. This includes recorded calls. The way to meet this need is by using a cloud service.

At YTL we recommend our customers use an internet-based call recording service, like the one included in our UC Cloud phone systems. This not only allows you to record calls unobtrusively, but it lets you monitor calls in real time. It also stores calls in a secure cloud database. This means if you want to review calls it can be done with ease – just export the recording as a .wav file and listen away. This also means that you can easily oblige any request by customers for recording of their own calls – i.e. a subject access request, which they’re entitled to under GDPR.

Call recording is a valuable tool, but one you need to be cautious using. At YTL we’ll help you make the most of it.

Customer data protection

Securing customer data is absolutely vital for businesses. No matter your industry, you likely have a large amount of customer information stored. This could be contact details in your CRM, payment details or personal information. You need to ensure that all of this data is housed securely. The obvious risk is from hackers, but local outages or server downtime can also cause serious damage if you store this information on-site.

Once again, we’ve turned to the cloud to help. With our UC Cloud service, your call logs, voicemails and contact data are safely secured in a cloud data centre. To comply with GDPR law this data centre is in the UK, rather than abroad like many others. We will always make sure that this data centre is not in your local area though. This serves to protect your data by making it functionally immune from local outages. It always pays to have a backup!

We’ll regularly keep your communication services up to date with the latest security patches, to protect them from harm.

PCI compliance

We know that many businesses, especially with those who handle their customer facing services through a contact centre, will handle payment over the phone. There is lots of new guidance about how these payments are handled, to protect callers and their financial information. Our phone system helps to you meet this guidance.

PCI guidance means that three-digit security numbers on cards cannot be included in call recordings. Previously the only way to prevent these numbers being recorded was to pause the recording and resume afterwards. This is challenging and can lead to errors. This is why our systems are compatible with keypad payment, and can be customised to include automatic pause and resume recording.

Remove room for error

When so many regulations require you to handle and store client data securely, it helps to use technology that can do it for you. We can help here. Not only do we help you securely store customer information in the cloud, but we can also make sure you’re working with up-to-date information.

We can integrate your CRM seamlessly with your phone system. This includes services like automatic number population, which ensures customer phone numbers are kept up to date as and when they dial in. When contact details are no longer relevant, they are automatically removed from your phone system.

Protect against telecoms fraud

This point is less about compliance and more about managing your reputation. Telecoms fraud is massively on the rise. It’s a cyber-security threat and a very real one at that. If your business is caught out by it, it could create serious implications for you and your customers.

Telecoms fraud works by hacking your phone system and using its numbers to dial expensive premium lines, which are usually hosted abroad. We have implemented measures on our phone systems to stop this. This includes analytics services that can easily spot suspect calls, whether they’re made to international numbers, or made out of hours.

Preventing these calls from taking place can save your business thousands. It also allows you to protect your customers in the case that scammers attempt to use your numbers to commit fraud against others.

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