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How to Manage Customer Communications Over Christmas

For business owners, the happiest time of year can end up being pretty stressful. The countdown to Christmas is usually very busy, with many staff taking time off and most businesses closing completely for a few days. Covid-19 is also causing difficulties for a second year running, and remote working still has to be accommodated for both staff and customers. All these situations mean that maintaining successful business communications over the holiday season can be challenging if you haven’t made the right preparations.

At YTL we work alongside our customers to make sure they’re all prepared for the festive season. Over the years, we’ve developed some key tips that we always employ to make preparation easier. This is what we’ll cover on our blog today. It’ll include some of our top tips for getting prepared, as well as the technology that can support you in many other exceptional circumstances.

Set up your call forwards

With staff likely working from home over the festive period, you need to make sure that their calls are still being handled effectively. This is why it’s crucial that ‘call forwards’ are set up in good time before Christmas. We know that many of your staff will likely be looking to work away from the office more in the new year too, so understanding this process is key.

If you’re using our UC Cloud unified communications app, then this process is incredibly quick. Staff can simply set where they would like incoming calls to be directed to, whether this is a personal device for working from home, or to a member of their department or an out of office notice if they are on holiday. This can all be centrally managed and altered by an administrator. You can even set a ‘holiday greeting’ to play to any incoming caller if they make a call to someone who is away. This also leads nicely into our next point.

Make sure your on-hold marketing is appropriate for Christmas

Over Christmas your business will likely be working in a slightly different way. Whether you have reduced working hours, are working from home, or even have special offers or events on, you need to let your customers know. Christmas is the best time of year to let customers know what a friendly and approachable business you are.

An on-hold marketing service allows you to keep customers informed and to provide a more professional welcome. Our platform allows you to upload customised messages, which are far more impressive than grainy elevator music. Marketing should always reflect your business and making sure your on-hold service is kept up to date is a great way to create a consistent brand identity.

Make sure all urgent enquiries are handled

Supporting your customers while your team are away spending time with loved ones is a balancing act. You need to make sure your team can maintain a work/life balance, but also make sure that customers are supported. We know that the level of urgency will differ between industries as well. That’s why our call management service provides you with a clear view of all incoming calls to your system and allows you to respond promptly.

Our management service will send you regular reports on the calls made into your system. This will include the CRM data of the callers, as well as whether their call was answered. These reports can be sent on a basis that suits you and includes the metrics that matter most to your business. Our system also includes click-to-call. You can get in contact with customers on an ad-hoc basis just by clicking on their number from an email or your CRM.

Consolidate your communications and prepare for the year ahead

The Christmas holidays provide the perfect time to reflect on the past year and make improvements for the next. It’s important that any changes you make to your customer experience make a tangible difference. That’s where call statistics come in.

Similar to our call reporting service, call statistics allow you to access a real-time overview of each call made to and from your business. This can be viewed on a micro or macro scale, allowing you to see the activity of individual users, to teams, departments and your entire business. From here you can make improvements that really make a difference. If you notice that teams have been overwhelmed with calls towards the end of this year, add more users to their hunt group to help handle the rush.

If your call queue is building up, then maybe your New Year’s Resolution could be to expand your business’s communication system. Our communication service is completely scalable, allowing you to add new users at the push of a button.

To find out more about how to prepare your communications for Christmas, get in touch. The YTL team will be happy to help. You can reach us at 01924 249 499.