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How to get the best deal on your business mobiles

If you’re reading this blog the chances are you already know the benefits that a business mobile plan can bring to your team. Today we’re not going to spell out why mobiles are useful for business. Instead we’ll take a look at some of the plans and features available that allow you to get the best deal.

Whether you currently provide mobiles and are looking to bring down costs, or are starting a new policy, we’re here for you. If you like the sound of our approache, we’d encourage you to get in touch with YTL to get the ball rolling.

Get a plan that suits your usage

The usual expenditure on business mobile plans often doesn’t come from the initial outlay of the phones themselves, but rather from businesses overpaying on tariffs that don’t suit their needs. Whether your tariff is too low and you’re spending above your credit limits, or overpaying on a tariff that you’ll never get anywhere near reaching, neither should happen.

Working with a provider that regularly reviews tariffs is the way around this. Depending on your industry, mobile usage can fluctuate widely and it’s important that you can accommodate this. At YTL we employ industry experts to ensure that our customers’ tariffs continually meet their needs and provide great value.

Something to look out for is whether a provider offers an account manager alongside their mobile service. This is a good thing! It means someone’s watching out for your business.

Get peace of mind

While your business mobile plan may seem cost-effective, it may be because it has potential security flaws. There are natural risks that come from allowing staff to access company data on their personal devices. If a business mobile falls into the wrong hands then you could lose thousands in company and customer data.

You should check that mobile device management (MDM) software is included with your current mobile plan, and if not, find one where it is! MDM software allows you to remotely monitor the mobile devices on your network. If any are confirmed to be lost or stolen, you can remotely wipe them in an instant. It also allows you to track which devices are due an update.

For more information on cyber-security and how to protect employee devices, check out this blog from our sister company, Biscuit IT.

Take a closer look at the handsets you need

While it might be tempting to kit your whole team out with the latest iPhone 13 Pro Max, it often isn’t necessary and can end up costing you an arm and a leg, especially if you’ve got some clumsy colleagues.

Of course, for some staff it is important that they’re equipped with phones equipped with powerful cameras and the latest features – estate agents or sales staff, for example. Others might have different requirements. Engineers in the field might only need a phone that allows them to quickly contact the office when needed. This will require a durable handset, but not an executive smartphone. Some staff may also need tablets, like designers or architects for example.

Once you have a clear view of what your staff actually need, you can better plan and budget to meet these requirements.

Find the right network

Your business can never fully make the most of your business mobiles if they aren’t connected to the right network. You need to find a balance between a network that offers maximum availability and signal strength, with the one that offers the best value for money. The secret is, however, that you might not have to choose at all …

At YTL we’re a network-agnostic provider – which means we’re not tied to a single network. During our 30 years providing business technology, we’ve ended up developing great relationships with all 4 of the UK’s major mobile networks. This means we can help our clients negotiate the best deal with EE, O2, Vodafone and Three. It also unlocks some exciting new features as well.

If you’re in a rural area, you may benefit most from a network-agnostic SIM. This can switch to the provider that provides the strongest signal at any time. We can help you acquire these SIMs at a much more cost-effective price.

Consider SIM-only

If you’re looking for a more flexible approach to business mobiles, why not check out a SIM-only deal? This can help you save money and allows your staff to work at their best with their existing devices.

SIM-only deals are great for businesses that need a more personalised tariff to match their usage habits. There are some fantastic offers out there that can really help you to work at your best on a budget. Many of these deals are time-limited though, so we’d recommend getting in touch with a provider like us here at YTL to help find those diamonds in the rough.

If you’d like to find out more about our mobile service, get in touch with our specialists at 01924 249 499. Our friendly, Yorkshire-based team will be happy to help.