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How manufacturing businesses can keep large spaces connected

More than nearly any other industry, manufacturing teams work across a variety of different environments. From offices, to call centres, factory floors, warehouses and on the road. Many staff need to work and communicate on more than 3 different devices every single day.

At YTL we’ve worked with the manufacturing industry for over 25 years. During this time we’ve heard many of their frustrations. We believe that the biggest frustration staff experience is the struggle to maintain a reliable internet connection.

There are a few different solutions to this issue, depending on the business’ specific needs. That’s why we’ve written this blog to help cover them all. Here’s our guide to connecting large spaces, and the services that can help.

Find a WiFi service designed for your needs

In an ideal world premises would only need a single WiFi router to connect the entire building. Unfortunately in reality this isn’t the case. Using consumer WiFi routers to connect entire commercial spaces leads to an inconsistent connection at best, and large dead spots (spaces where no connection is available at all) at worst. This is why providers like Ubiquiti have developed WiFi services that are designed with large spaces in mind.

Instead of working from a single router, business WiFi services use access points, strategically placed around your office. These access points then connect back to the central router, usually only through a single cable. As every manufacturing business works in a unique space, our team will tailor the placement of each access point to ensure maximum coverage.

When you have your access points in place, it creates something called a Mesh Network. This means that the device that is being used will seamlessly connect with the nearest access point, rather than the user having to select the appropriate access point each time. It also greatly improves the consistency of connections around the entire site.

The case for leased line connectivity

According to EEF: The Manufacturer’s Organisation, a third of UK manufacturers now use a leased line for their connectivity. This figure is increasing daily. Leased lines are a powerful connectivity service designed for businesses with higher usage needs. There is a real case for even smaller manufacturing teams to adopt these services as they bring an added layer of reliability and have the potential to future-proof your operation.

A leased line essentially provides your business with a private data connection that only your team can access. This line features a 1:1 contention ratio. This means that you won’t be competing for the same bandwidth with any of your neighbours. So, no matter what’s going on around you, your team should always be able to access a reliable connection.

Leased lines, the premium service

For manufacturing businesses especially, a leased line provides real peace of mind. You pay for your leased line through a fixed subscription, that is never subject to unexpected changes. You get a support service included in the price. This ensures your line is never interrupted, and due to the 1:1 contention ratio, you always get what you pay for.

To help cater to your needs moving forward, leased lines include symmetrical speeds, which makes sure that you receive the exact same speed for both uploads and downloads. This means that day-to-day processes such as communications, as well as essential services like hosting websites and security systems are always guaranteed the necessary bandwidth. As your business grows, you can easily increase bandwidth by upgrading to a higher speed, with no additional installations required.

Staying connected on the move and outside

Making sure your staff can stay connected isn’t just an issue that’s confined to your main business premise. Guaranteeing availability is crucial for manufacturers, and this includes making sure you can always get in contact with staff who are working outside or on the go.

For outdoor spaces it’s once again time to turn to our Business WiFi services. The access points we mentioned earlier from our partners over at Ubiquiti can be tailored just as easily to work in large outdoor spaces as they do indoors. This means that you can keep every corner of your location connected, and there’s no need to walk inside just to send a message or make a call.

Similarly, we know how important it is to be able to reach staff who are working on the move. That’s where our mobile call plans can help. We work alongside the UK’s top networks to ensure that your staff are always on a tariff that is both cost-effective and has the most reliable data coverage in your area. We work with both the latest and greatest, as well as more budget friendly handsets to make sure your staff are always working with the right equipment.

To find out more about our connectivity services, visit our website or get in touch at 01924 249 499, we’d be happy to help.