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How Business Mobiles can help your industry

Not too long ago, having a ‘work phone’ was uncommon. It was a privilege usually reserved for salespeople or executives. At YTL we believe that times have changed. With the functionality that modern smartphones provide it’s natural that we use them for business more than ever.

The recent rise of remote working has made some businesses question the way we use personal devices for work. To maintain a great work/life balance there needs to be a proper distinction between the devices we use for work and personal use. This means the case for equipping teams with dedicated business mobiles has never been stronger.

Many businesses around the UK are already realising this and there’s now a thriving market for these products. At YTL we provide communications, including business mobiles, for teams in nearly every industry. We’ve seen the demand for mobile rise rapidly. We created this blog to explain the benefits that these devices can have for just a few of the UK’s major industries.

Professional Services & Estate Agents

Professional services is an industry where business mobiles are traditionally used the most. Staff in sales and support roles need to have a reliable and professional way to stay in touch with their colleagues and customers. Business mobiles provide a great way to maximise availability while still allowing your business to put its best foot forwards in terms of professionalism.

This is important for all professional services, but one great example where professionalism is key is estate agents. These teams face a high volume of calls each day that are potentially worth thousands, that need to be handled appropriately every time.

Business mobiles used in combination with a business communications service is the best solution. This service routes calls to the most appropriate member of staff without disrupting the rest of your phone lines.

Manufacturing, Logistics & Construction

We have grouped these three key industries together. These sectors all include large volumes of staff working on their feet in open environments. We know that it can be a struggle to ensure that every call is answered when it’s difficult to even reach a phone. So, for industries that work in large open spaces, away from buildings or on the road, a business mobile solution is ideal.

We can help you to find cost-effective mobiles that are resilient enough to work well in challenging environments. However these phones still effectively connect to the rest of your business phone system via our UC application. This means staff can easily make and receive calls anywhere on site, or on the go.

At YTL we work with all leading mobile network providers, so that no matter where your staff are working, we have the right network available to meet your needs.

Health & Social Care

Correctly utilising technology can help care staff to deliver a high standard of support and helps to prevent them from being overwhelmed. Integrating a mobile solution into your communications system can improve response times every day, and especially during emergencies.

When staff are caring for patients or residents and need to update their details for admin purposes, they can do so quickly from their mobiles. Similarly, staff can also send alerts in case of an emergency in seconds.

This service requires the right internet connection to work effectively. We know that many care facilities are based in older buildings where connectivity infrastructure can be difficult to install and maintain. That’s where our network service can help, click here to learn more.

Hospitality and Retail

Working in a restaurant, café or busy shop floor is an incredibly fast-paced environment, where staff are often away from a phone for extended periods of time. This means customer calls are at risk of being missed. Whether these calls are relating to product or service enquiries or potential bookings, they need to be answered.

Business mobiles, combined with a business communications service allows you to answer calls efficiently, wherever you are working. When combined with a unified communications platform, your staff can handle their business calls from anywhere on site, all through a single app. UC quickly allows staff to differentiate between business and personal calls, so they can always answer professionally.

If you use business mobiles alongside a UC app, you also gain access to a professional instant messaging service. This allows managers to quickly inform staff of any situation, whether it’s a customer in need or a colleague that needs help. You can always be safe in the knowledge that your team are informed.

We know that we’ve only mentioned a handful of industries here. However the tips we’ve mentioned here can apply to a huge range of organisations. If you’d like to learn more about any of the services, we’ve mentioned here than get in touch with YTL. Call us on 01924 249 499, we’d be very happy to help.