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Business technology for the hospitality sector

Now more than ever the hospitality sector is reliant on technology to help support staff and provide customers with the fantastic service they have missed so much. To create a cohesive platform to build your service upon you need services that all work together. That’s where YTL can help. We offer a range of systems for hospitality businesses that can change the way the way you work, provide new services to your customers, and help your team adapt to any situation.

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Convenient communication services

Technology should always be designed to make life easier for your team. That’s exactly what we aim to achieve with our range of services. Handy features include call forwarding, that allow you to direct calls where they need to go at the push of a button, this is ideal for hotels, but can also facilitate better team collaboration.

We also offer CRM integration that can show you the details of VIP customers as soon as they dial in, so you can offer a bespoke service.

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Social WiFi generates new insights

High-speed WiFi is one of the most valuable things that you can offer any visitor to your business. There are more ways that you can take advantage of your connectivity though.

Social WiFi allows you to ask guests to complete an online form before they log on to your network. Through this you can gain insights into your customer base, and created tailored marketing material, or reward your most loyal customers.

Work better on the go

It can often be difficult to reach your staff who are on the move. Whether they are in a hotel room or a shop floor, DECT handsets provide a reliable way to stay in touch.

These handsets are WiFi enabled and allow you to reach your team with ease in any situation. This is fantastic in an emergency but also supports teamwork in everyday scenarios.

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On-hold Marketing

Provide a professional image to your customers and advertise your additional services with on-hold marketing. It’s inevitable that customers will have to wait to get in touch with someone, so why not make the process as engaging as possible?

Our on-hold marketing service allows you to play a message that answers your FAQs and can advertise any additional services or promotions that you offer.

Analytics provide a clearer picture

Make sure you’re always in the know about how your business is working. Our analytics package allows you to view the effectiveness of each team in your business, see any calls that were missed and allows you to get in touch with customers to confirm reservations. This data is presented to you in comprehensive reports and can be easily prioritised based on the stats that are most important to you.

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“It was a pleasure to have a modern, updated telecoms system”

“it was a pleasure to have a modern updated, telecoms system and range of products with one supplier rather than working with procurement companies to get the best price”

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