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Helping the hospitality industry to handle high call volumes

With lockdown restrictions easing, the hospitality industry is starting to open up again. We can’t wait to start visiting our local beer garden, enjoying meals at restaurants and booking family days out.

It’s going to be a busy summer for pubs, restaurants and other hospitality establishments. The good news is that advanced phone systems like ours can help hospitality businesses take more calls, make more bookings and manage their workload.

In this blog post we’ll explore some of the more advanced call handling features of VoIP systems, sharing some helpful tips and tricks to help your business handle high call volumes.

On Hold Marketing

Keep your callers informed while they wait with professionally recorded on hold marketing.

We can help create scripts, arrange recording and configure your phone system. Whether it’s a quick message letting callers know your opening hours or a showcase of your latest offers, on hold messages can answer many callers’ questions without you even needing to answer the phone.

Our phone systems are endlessly customisable and simple to operate, allowing you to record and update messages by yourself from any connected device.

Auto Attendant

An auto attendant can really transform your inbound call handling.

Even if many of the menu options route to the same phones, our auto attendants can let your call takers know what the call is regarding before answering. This helps your staff save valuable time on the phone with your clients, speeding up the booking process and helping you keep on top of your workload.

Auto attendants also have the benefit of being able to answer your callers’ questions. Menu options can route to pre-recorded messages informing clients of your daily specials, opening hours or even an automated booking system.

Call Analytics

Taking a deep dive into your call statistics is a great way to plan for your future staffing needs.

Call analytics modules like ours track your busiest times of the day, allowing you to plan staffing levels accordingly. This ensures that your callers get through every time, letting you make more bookings and improve service levels.

Of course, our phone system can’t tell you exactly how many customers you’ll have in your premises on any given day but integrating it with your CRM can help you identify trends.

CRM Integration

Combining your CRM or Property Management System with your phone system unlocks additional functionality, streamlining bookings and making customer care simple.

Want to confirm a booking with a customer? One click is all it takes. Click to dial features let you initiate a call from within your CRM software, and our phone systems are even able to support SMS features, allowing you to send automated booking confirmation texts.

Screen popping lets your CRM track your incoming calls, checking each number against your database of clients. Any information found is then displayed to your staff when they answer the call. The benefits these features bring to customer satisfaction are enormous; being able to greet your callers by name is just the start.

ACD (Call Queues)

Form a line!

Call queues add capacity to your phone system, letting you hold people in a queue instead of playing a frustrating busy tone. This ensures no call is missed, providing an instant boost to your booking rates and customer service levels.

Call queues also provide a valuable opportunity to let your callers know your opening hours or any special deals; why not record messages to answer common questions instead of playing hold music? This alone can represent a significant time saving for your staff.

If you’ve got multiple sites or branches, ACD groups (call queues) can be configured to send calls to your other branches as an overflow. Allowing you to maximise your capacity for calls across the business.

Cross-site support

It can be incredibly useful to share the load between your branches.

Our cloud phone systems can be accessed from anywhere, so all your staff connect to the same system. This means that your queues can be configured to route calls to your other locations as an overflow. This ensures that all calls get answered quickly.

A shared cloud-based CRM can also enable cross-site appointment bookings. This can ensures your staff are able to reserve a table or room at any of your sites. Updated in real time, cloud-based scheduling systems make light work of managing bookings across your business.

Are you looking forward to getting your hospitality business back into full swing? We’re definitely looking forward to enjoying a nice pint in a beer garden!

If you’re looking to prepare your business for the busy summer ahead, get in touch with YTL. We’ve helped dozens of pubs, restaurants, cafes and venues over our decades in business. So we know what you need to succeed.

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