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Helping the Education sector with the new term

The new term is here! We know that this is a hugely important time for teams in the education sector and we’re here to help. The education sector is unique when compared to many others, in terms of how they use technology and also the care they need to take when implementing this, which is why there needs to be a more tailored approach.

At YTL, we’ve worked extensively with schools, colleges and universities around the UK. Bringing them the communications and connectivity services that they need. We believe we have a great understanding of the considerations that need to be met with these teams, from unique premises to strict budgets. To help teams in the education sector prepare for the arrival of a new term, we’ve compiled some of the technology that can help the situation.

Whether you need to keep your staff connected, or manage calls from your new intake, we’re here to help.

Connectivity designed with your needs in mind

The education sector features some of the most varied environments of any industry in the UK. Schools in the UK are often between 60 and 100 years old. Even newer buildings aren’t always built with technical infrastructure in mind. This can lead to some teams avoiding vital upgrades as they are concerned about the disruption and cost of dealing with their unique premises.

Connectivity is one area that is often neglected. School internet services are often old or centred around a single building, leading to patchy connections elsewhere. We’ve worked to combat this issue.

We’ve partnered with Ubiquiti to provide a cost-effective and flexible approach to connectivity. Instead of having to deal with disruptive installations, our team can simply place WiFi access points around your site. These durable and discrete devices provide high speeds and are placed to ensure maximum coverage. We can also provide portable hotspots that allow your team to work better from home if needed.

A new approach to communication

The start of term is one of the busiest times of year for any member of staff in the education sector. From your reception and office staff, to your teachers. When new students join there are many pieces of data that need to be recorded, from their guardian’s contact details to any specific learning requirements. We know that this data is usually stored in management software like SIMS.

We’ve tailored our communication services to make the start of term as smooth as possible. Our services integrate seamlessly alongside a wide range of 3rd party software, including education management services. This means that when any guardians dial in, their details are displayed on-screen for the member of staff that answers them. Therefore, staff can be sure they are able to handle the guardian’s request efficiently and to their satisfaction.

Our call management software also allows you to see any calls that have been missed, or play automated greeting messages. This provides useful information to callers and lets them know how long their wait will be.

Adaptability is key

If there is one lesson that we’ve learned providing business technology to schools, is that every solution must be ready for anything. That’s why we’ve developed our service to ensure minimal disruption to businesses and that our products can be adapted to any environment.

The first way we do this is with our installations process. Where possible, the communications services we provide will be built around your existing infrastructure. We aim to work alongside what you already have in place to avoid any downtime during installation. If your existing infrastructure is unsupported or not fit for purpose, we can offer alternative cloud or hybrid communication solutions. These alternatives require minimal hardware and caballing, just a reliable internet connection, which means you can be up and running in no time.

These cloud system solutions can be picked up and used in just about any environment. So, if for some reason the school needs to close, you can still ensure that your communications run smoothly. We also offer unified communications services that allow you to access every part of your communications services from a laptop or mobile, providing an agile way to work at your best.

Tailored for any budget

We know that great care must be taken when upgrading technology in the education sector, budgets must be considered. We recognise this and tailor our services to suit any requirement.

The high initial outlay that a lot of technology comes with turns many schools away. Our cloud offering is designed with this in mind. Instead of a high initial spend, our cloud services are based on a fixed monthly subscription fee. You only pay for the phones you use. This approach is far more palatable and allows you to access superior technology without putting unnecessary strain on your annual finances.

Our services work smoothly alongside a huge range of tech. Meaning you won’t have to replace any existing phones or other systems that are still working well.

We hope that this guide has helped to inform you about how we can tailor our technology to benefit the education sector. For more information, visit our dedicated education page on our website. Or give us a call here at 01924 249 499, we’d be happy to help.