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Guest WiFi, exploring the opportunities

At YTL, we love finding a new piece of technology that can support businesses in a tonne of different ways. It happens more often than you’d think! One of the recent standouts that we think could have a huge impact is Guest WiFi.

Customers rank a free WiFi connection as one of the additional services that means the most to them. Being able to get online when you visit a business is invaluable and Guest WiFi enhances the experience. It does this by directing customers to a short survey, or your business’ social media platforms in order to access your WiFi. This sounds like a simple switch, but it can have a huge impact.

At the time of writing this article, the hospitality industry is re-opening after an extended period of time away. The has brought a lot of new technology into the forefront, such as temperature scanners and QR Code menus. Guest WiFi falls under a similar category, but we think it has potential to support businesses for years to come.

Here are some of the ways that we think Guest WiFi can benefit businesses, both in the hospitality sector and beyond.

Understand your audience

Guest WiFi can help businesses to understand who their primary audience is. Guest WiFi can include a survey where visitors enter a few details in return for access to your network. This allows you to understand exactly who is visiting your establishment.

If you see a high proportion of younger people visiting, then maybe a student discount could be a good idea. If there are more families signing up, then perhaps you need to expand your kids’ menu. The possibilities here are endless. It isn’t just about demographics though, Guest WiFi allows you to find and reward your most loyal customers. One simple change you can access is being able to refer to customers by name in your emails. This can be surprisingly effective!

Returning customers are the backbone of local hospitality businesses, representing 60% of the average business’ customer base. Keeping these customers coming back is a huge part of creating success, especially in a post-lockdown market. Guest WiFi allows you to work out who your most loyal customers are, and provides you with their contact details. Allowing you to create a rewards style system for repeated visits or simply send discount codes out via email or social media.

Get the word out

A huge part of businesses re-opening after an extended time away is letting people know that you are back. 90% of customers now find businesses from their local area through the internet, and social media is a huge part of this.

Through Guest WiFi you can exchange your high-speed connectivity service for a ‘Like’ on a social media platform of your choice. This is firstly a great way to keep loyal customers up-to-date with all of the latest happenings at your business, but it also exposes new potential customers to your business who would not have seen it otherwise.

Providing customers with a consistent way to get in touch with your business online also allows you to gain valuable feedback. If you are trying a new service or product, you can make a small feedback form part of the required WiFi login. Similarly, online reviews are one of the first places that new customers will check out before visiting your business. The more reviews you get, the better. You can prompt customers to leave their thoughts via Guest WiFi, and providing them with a quality connection is a great way to get those stars up!

Access a high-quality connection

So far we have drilled the marketing benefits of Guest WiFi, and it is a fantastic tool for this purpose. The name is Guest WiFi though, and there are huge connectivity benefits here too.

Our Guest WiFi service is powered by Ubiquity WiFi hotspots. These small devices and be strategically and securely placed around your premise by our team in the spots where a reliable connection needs to be guaranteed. This allows for even old or rural buildings to work with a consistently high-speed connection. A high-quality WiFi connection is fantastic for both your guests and your staff and unlocks a whole variety of other new internet enabled technology.

Our Guest WiFi service is also completely GDPR compliant. This allows you to communicate with customers in a secure, safe and intelligent way. In the current business environment, your brand needs to be consistent. You can have the most beautiful building in the world, but if your online presence does not match up, then new customers will be unhappy. Our stylish Guest WiFi forms are a big part of improving your online presence.

We hope that this blog has provided you with some new ideas for how you can make your business connectivity part of your offering. It is an interesting time for hospitality businesses right now, but we believe with the right technology that these organisations can thrive. For more information on Guest WiFi or our other services, get in touch at 01924 249 499 or visit our website.