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Internationally recognised communications

Ericsson-LG have been providing high quality, reliable communications to UK businesses for over 30 years. In this time, they have been recognised as one of the mainstays of the communications industry.

At YTL we have maintained a strong working relationship with Ericsson-LG, collaborating alongside them to bring a range of private and public cloud communication services to hundreds of businesses across the UK.


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The iPECS Cloud Suite

Ericsson-LG has been a pioneer in the UK Cloud market, providing digital transformation for a huge range of businesses. The cloud revolution brought about by a year of remote working has shown just how vital agility and business continuity can be for businesses. iPECS Cloud services provide this with ease.

Ericsson-LG has created a platform that allows you to take a huge range of professional communication services with you in any working environment. Host video conferences, send messages and access a huge range of statistics, reports and analytics, wherever you are.

UCP 100



Versatile Private Cloud Systems

Ericsson-LG is also leading providers of on-site communications. Whether you are a team of 10 or 1,000, looking to equip one office or many, there is an on-premise solution available for you. Ericsson-LG’s UCP solutions provide a versatile way to keep your team connected and provide exceptional customer service.

We know that many teams love the resilience and customisation that hosting their own communications provide. Ericsson-LG’s systems provide the perfect platform to do this, featuring a range of intuitive and high-quality handsets for any role in your team.



Integrations and Applications

It’s not just about hardware when it comes to Ericsson-LG’s offering. You can augment your phone system with a huge range of apps and integrations that can enhance your business.

From analytics software that can provide all the details you need to know about your network, wherever you work. To integrations with some of the most popular CRMs and productivity services such as MS Teams, Outlook, Sage and Salesforce, allowing you to develop your customer experience.

An icon of the communications industry

Ericsson-LG has been a standout communications provider in the UK for over 30 years. From the first office phones, to spearheading the arrival of cloud communications and now expanding into new web-based services. Over this time YTL has cemented its status as a trusted partner and supplier of E-LG products and services.

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James Clay & Sons

James Clay is an importer of European beers, based in Brighouse with other sites in London and the Midlands. With over 500 accounts on their books, James Clay delivers high-quality continental beer to pubs, bars and bottle shops around the UK. Find out how an Ericsson-LG solution, provided by YTL, helped them.

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