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Business technology for the education sector

Effective communications are the backbone of education. Whether you are keeping in contact with other staff in a school, college or university, or handling external conversations with parents or other third parties. It’s vital that the technology you use on a daily basis is reliable, resilient and has the features required to support your team. Here are the communications and connectivity services that can help you to keep going above and beyond.

Handle high call volumes with ease

We know that reception teams in the education sector face some of the busiest call volumes of any industry. Whether it is a unique circumstance such as exam results or a snow day, or just the Monday morning rush, our call handling service can help.

Any callers will know exactly where they are in the queue and their expected wait time. We can also add an auto-attendant, greeting callers and letting them know the answers to some of your most frequently asked questions.

Designed for your environment

We understand many schools will not have been designed with the latest technology and infrastructure in mind, and we can adapt accordingly. All of our communication services can be installed to accommodate your existing phone lines or can work without them. Similarly, our connectivity services mean you can get a reliable connection, no matter the age or location of your building.

Working alongside your existing software

Every industry uses specialist software to work more efficiently, we recognise this, and our communications service go one step above and compliment your existing technology. We can integrate alongside popular education database services, meaning when a parent calls in, their relevant details will be displayed to the staff member who takes their call. This allows for a more efficient and more personalised service.

Equip your whole team, no matter your budget

Providing high-quality technology for your team doesn’t have to wipe out your budget. We understand that the high initial costs of traditional communication services turn many schools away from upgrading, but our cloud and hybrid communication solutions provide a way for schools to access the latest features with an affordable monthly fee.

Stay prepared for any situation

Adapting to a remote way of working was initially difficult for many teams in the education sector, but with the right technology to support you, agile working can be far more accessible. At YTL we specialise in technology that works as well from home or on the go as it does in your main location.

This means that we can help you to prepare should an extraordinary circumstance force your school, college or university to close. It also means we can help individual staff members to work with more flexibility from home whenever they need to.

Gomersal Primary School

“Thanks to your team!”

“Everyone at school is very happy with the new phone system. Thank you to your team!” – Gomersal Primary School, Clackheaton

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