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Total CRM Integration

Businesses all require some form of specialist software to work at their best. No matter the industry that your team operate within there is technology that supports you. From productivity and scheduling tools, to more sector-specific platforms for estate agents or manufacturers. CRM’s are an important part of business and our solutions work alongside them.

Reconnect with Customers

Customer service can massively benefit from a communication system that integrates with your CRM. Tools such as advanced search features to find the information you need. The ability to view a customer’s details when they dial in allows you to create a bespoke customer service experience for them, it’s always nicer to be greeted by name.

Work Better at Peak Times

Without the correct software to help manage your calls, busy times of day can get overwhelming. Your CRM service working alongside your phone system can make the process simple. Knowing customer information as soon as they call allows you to handle their issue faster or pass them on to the relevant colleague in a far more efficient manner.

Elevate your call handling.

Schedule Alongside Your Colleagues

Integrations aren’t just about working with your customers. Our systems work alongside a variety of productivity and scheduling software, such as Microsoft 365. This allows you to organise your time with your team, which can be especially crucial when you are working remotely. File sharing and editing is included too, expanding your collaborative capabilities.

UC Cloud Integrations

UC Cloud is designed to be your hub for all things communications. You can use this service to cover any of your business’ needs, all in one place. Whether you need to let your team know that you will be out for the day, inform a colleague of a customer issue, or just work together on a presentation. This can all be communicated simply through your UC app. Helping businesses to work with agility is at the heart of what we do, and useful integrations are a huge part of this.

The Benefits of CRM Integrations

Calendar Sync

If you use UC cloud to alert colleagues that you are busy or away from the office, your calendar app will display the same message. This also works alongside your call forward settings.

Easy Contact Access

When you switch to a UC Cloud system, your contacts automatically transfer to the new system. Say goodbye to tedious transferring of numbers or unnecessary guesswork.

Launch calls from your CRM

With Click-to-call features, you can launch calls from your CRM. Meaning less time spent trawling through customer databases and more time spent helping your clients. With UC Cloud, caller IDs are matched flawlessly.

Simple Admin

Manage your contact database through either your phone system or your CRM, create new extensions, customise numbers and more. UC Cloud runs on every operating system, so you have no issues with compatibility.

Never miss a call

Even if your UC Cloud app is not open, you can receive incoming calls from your browser or elsewhere. This is the most simple way to ensure that no customers slip through the cracks, no matter if your team are working in the office or at home.

Easy to use

UC Cloud is simple to set up and get working on, no matter your business’ technology. There are no downloads, automatic updates and intuitive ways to stay connected with your team, all from your browser.

Our new UC Cloud system will help us to improve the customer experience

“YTL provided a friendly, efficient and thorough service. Our team had loads of questions and the engineer answered them all patiently and with a smile. Our new UC Cloud system will help us to improve the customer experience and provide a quality service from the offset.” – Dan Pearce Sells Homes