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CRM integration for the education sector

It’s essential that schools have a modern and streamlined way to manage student needs and attendance. The way that schools interact with students, parents and other third parties such as suppliers are changing all the time. The way schools manage communications between staff and parents are changing too. Even since in-person teaching returned, many of the same practices that we developed during the pandemic are still prevalent. 

These changes include an increased reliance on web services for updates on school operations, communications outside of school hours, and an expectation that your staff are always available. These are some high expectations, and without the right technology they can be a challenge to manage.

Many schools, colleges and federations are placing an increased focus on their customer relationship management (CRM) software, and this is for good reason. When used correctly, your CRM is an incredibly powerful tool. In today’s blog we’ll cover why this is and how integrating it alongside other services can be incredibly beneficial.

Why you should be using CRM integration

At surface level, it doesn’t seem like that much of a big deal. While your CRM and your communications are both valuable tools, what can be gained by linking them together? Quite a lot actually.

First of all, it can massively save on your admin time. When you integrate your CRM, it unlocks a feature called Inbound Number Capture. This adds any contact details from callers and automatically updates your CRM. These updates are carried out across your entire network, so your team will always have the most update information at hand.

Aside from just updating records, CRM integration also speeds up your call process. If a member of your team needs to get in touch with a specific parent, they can just go onto SIMS, find their details and click their phone number. That’s all it takes to initiate a call. With one of our systems, you don’t even need a physical phone at your desk – it can all be handled through your PC, Mac, laptop or mobile.

Your CRM records likely contain a wealth of useful information that can help to reduce call time and improve caller satisfaction. This could relate to student attendance records, disciplinary information, special educational needs and more. When a parent or guardian calls in, your communication system can recognise their number and display the CRM information that’s relevant to their child. This allows you to answer their query quickly and accurately.

How can you access this service?

CRM integration is a brilliant service and can massively benefit your organisation’s efficiency. But it is only one feature amongst a wider range of communication services your business can take advantage of. All of these require a reliable business phone system to use as a backbone.

It may be that your current system is up to scratch, but if you’ve noticed some higher call charges or poor call quality recently it might be time for a change. Here are some of the options available to the education sector today.

Cloud communications are the latest and greatest when it comes to the world of business phone systems. They offer flexibility in both their range of services and cost. With a cloud service you don’t have to host any of the heavy equipment yourself – we’ll host it all in a cloud data centre. This means no maintenance for your team, and easier expansion when you hire new staff.

You pay for cloud on a subscription basis, so there’s no steep upfront costs to contend with when you make the switch, far easier on your budgets.

On-premise communications are the reliable standard in business phone systems. If you’re looking for complete control of your communications in terms of maintenance and security, this system is for you. We know that many schools have older buildings, and strict budgets mean that a complete technology overhaul just isn’t an option. We can conduct a free site audit, let you know what will work and what won’t, and recommend new systems accordingly.

UC Cloud

If you’re looking for a more flexible option still, then look no further than UC Cloud. This is our unified communications platform and offers you and your team a fantastic level of added flexibility. UC cloud doesn’t involve any physical hardware at all. It’s an application you can add to a device of your choice. From here you can make calls, send messages and host video conferences.

With UC cloud you can handle calls exactly like you would with a traditional phone system. You can transfer, mute and put calls on hold. You can keep clear records of each call that takes place and analyse when your busiest times of day are. CRM integration is also included as standard with over a hundred different platforms working seamlessly, including SIMS. If you’re looking for a platform that can help your team to work from home, this is our recommendation.

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