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Business Internet Services

No modern business can function without the internet. At YTL we are always determined to provide an unbeatable service, whatever your needs may be. We offer a range of solutions catered to the individual needs of different teams.

We have Unlimited Networking services tailored for businesses that need to keep crucial processes operating 24/7. If you require a high-speed connection, or to connect multiple sites, our Ethernet connections could be for you. We work with leading carriers to ensure your team never lose connection.



Leased Line

Rather than sharing a network with other businesses in your area, why not control your own connection? Leased Line connections provide your business with a broadband connection just for you. This is a great solution for teams with high bandwidth needs or business critical processes that you need to ensure stay running at all times.

Leased Lines make sure that you are always prioritised over other users in your area, so even if your neighbours are downloading 20 films at once, you can still make that important call.



Super-Fast Business Internet

With our business internet services, you always get the speeds that you pay for. Our networks are highly secure and are supplied by the top providers in your area. Whatever the needs of your business infrastructure, our systems will keep everything up and running properly.

Every part of your business needs a strong internet connection. This goes beyond just your team making video calls and browsing the web. Everything, from your company website to any VPNs your business uses, requires good broadband.



Mobile Connectivity

Keeping your mobile devices connected is crucial for a modern business. How often have you had to take a call on your mobile and had a choppy connection cut you off? It is awkward, and doesn’t need to happen.

Our business broadband solutions work to keep your mobiles running just as well as the rest of your crucial processes. Never settle for poor Wi-Fi again.

Keep Your Business Connected

A business broadband connection can bring offices closer together. If your team are spread across multiple sites or are working remotely, then a strong data connection facilitates easy communication and collaboration between them. At YTL, our reliable connections save you time when you need to share work with colleagues and helps to improve your customer service by allowing for a more consistent and clear call experience.

We can react to issues quicker and communication has improved

“The new phone system has allowed us to stay in touch in a much easier way. We can react to issues quickly and communication has improved.” – Knowsley Safari

Connectivity Solutions Tailored To You


A business connection that delivers consistently high upload and download speeds at all times. This connection is designed for busy offices and commercial properties where everyone is using internet connected devices pretty much all the time.

Leased Lines

Private lines that are designed for business that need to keep many essential processes operating at once. From websites, to VPNs to large uploads, if you need a consistent network that won’t be impacted by the businesses around you, then leased lines are for you.


Keeping your mobile running at peak efficiency, we offer a range of connectivity services that support 3G, 4G and 5G connections. Your mobile is essential to keeping all of your business processes running efficiently, support it with the right data service.


The standard in business connectivity. If you need a solution that works quickly and efficiently without any frills, this one is for you. Perfect for small teams or residential connections, ADSL has remained a constant reliable business solution for years.


The latest and greatest in high speed data, fibre has been around for a while now but is still far from slowing down. A reliable and super-fast connectivity service that is great for businesses that need to be online 24/7. Access high speeds with very little latency.


Our wired Ethernet solutions are designed to provide consistent connections that can bring confidence to your communications. With speeds ranging from 10Mbps up to a massive 10Gbps, this service helps your team by always providing them with the bandwidth they need.

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