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Case Studies

Take a look at some of the journeys of the people who matter most to us, our customers. We’ve worked with businesses up and down the country and in a range of sectors, so many of whom have sent back great feedback to us.

Take a look at some of the wonderful businesses we’ve worked with, and find out how we can help a business like yours.

James Clay & Sons

James Clay are an importer of European beers, based in Brighouse with other sites in London and the Midlands. With over 500 accounts on their books, James Clay delivers high-quality continental beer to pubs, bars and bottle shops around the UK.

Why did they need a new phone system?

At the time they were using BT Cloud Voice which they felt was underperforming on certain tasks, certainly with regards to recording and reporting of calls. The system provided no analytics, and those that there were, were few and far between and very manual; nothing was automated. That meant getting visibility of the reporting and management across their locations. The company needed to take its telecoms to the next level. Having the technology to do this, would provide their management team with a level of confidence that was needed in that area.

How Could YTL Help?

The solution we implemented was the Ericsson-LG UCP-100 with LIP-9030 handsets coupled that with headsets, along with PHONE-LINK software. The system offered busy light functionality and a wallboard solution which provides an overview of statistics as to which agent is performing best, the busiest hour of the day and top agent tones. 

The Benefits

Since the implementation of the new system, James Clay has seen great improvement in call handling, specifically being able to monitor call time and how long customers were waiting to be able to place an order. This functionality has allowed the company to take more orders and thus get more revenue through the door, all while making sure that the customers they have, as well as future customers, are really happy with the level of service that they provide.

Juice Personnel

Juice Personnel has been a YTL client since 2014. The company was established seventeen years ago, by Commercial Director, Kelly Smith, who is still personally involved on the recruitment consultancy front. They are one of the longest standing recruitment agents in Wakefield, outside of corporate recruitment agencies like Reed or Hays.

Why did they need a new system?

Juice Personnel did not have a telecoms maintenance contract with any supplier at the time. Their telecoms system consisted of an outdated PBX system and BT handsets.  The main challenge Juice Personnel faced with their old system was the lengthy turnaround time to get faults fixed, which meant that several sales calls were potentially lost as a result. 

How did YTL help?

YTL suggested the replacement of their old system with iPECS handsets and a digital cloud system which provide cost savings on their telephone bills, increased office efficiency, no missed calls and ultimately provide a better service to their customers.  As part of the install, a call monitoring application was included in their package. It allows call productivity and efficiency to be monitored and indicates the number of calls received. Juice Personnel rely heavily on functional telecoms systems.  In a digital era, customers expect a high level of service and if a call is missed it is very likely that the caller will contact a competitor.

In June 2019, Juice Personnel moved offices. YTL worked closely with their IT department to project manage a smooth transition. As a result, the ‘downtime’ in moving equipment from the old offices, to the new and operating fully functionally took under an hour.


“Having been a client of YTL for 6 years we have never had any areas for concern. Directors Phill and Rachel have no hidden agendas and I trust them fully to provide the right products for our business. We have a very good relationship with them, not just in relation to telecoms and recruitment, but business in general.  Business today is all about forming good working relationships and we certainly have that with YTL”

Kelly Smith, Juice Recruitment Director

Redbrick Mill

Redbrick Mill is a large furniture department store based in Leeds, with a second site in a Sheffield. They feature large showrooms for some of the best known interior brands in the country, such as Made and Bo Concept.

Redbrick employ over 500 members of staff between their two sites

Why did they need a new system?

The greatest challenge for Redbrick came in the form of growth. They needed to be able to connect each concession stand in the premise to a central phone system.

With their previous system, each team within Redbrick were working on a separate phone system. This meant that they were each relying on cabling that didn’t connect them with the teams around them or the main reception desk. They also were not equipped with all of the communication tools that they needed for their day to day work.

How did YTL help?

The solution for Redbrick Mill was a UCP 100 system from Ericsson LG as well as a series of LIP 9030 handsets. All of the handsets were connected to a central system that allowed everyone in the business to get in touch quickly and work with the same features.

We also provided a matching system at the Sheffield site, meaning that staff at that branch could get in touch with the main office as if they were only upstairs.

Speed dial allowed them to get in touch with staff quickly, while expanded caller information gave staff more information about who was getting in touch with them.


This solution has given Redbrick Mill a better platform to expand upon in the future. Whether it is new concessions throughout their main site or added external locations, they can easily acquire new handsets and connect them to their main office with ease.

This solution provides Redbrick with a communication system that can support them for years to come.


Penmann Climatic Systems designs and implements bespoke product cooling and conditioning systems, as well as air conditioning and ventilation solutions for many of the UK’s most significant and well-respected blue-chip companies across food and drinks brands like PepsiCo, McCain, Nestle, Arla, Britvic, Quorn to name but a few. The company is understandably proud of a 44-year track record of achievement and innovation and delivers projects to business both large and small.

Why did they need a new system?

Penmann has been clients of YTL since January 2000. The company had a requirement to upgrade their digital Panasonic PBX system originally installed two decades ago by YTL to a VoIP system along with an upgrade of their broadband to full-fibre.  The new VoIP system and fibre line were installed in 2019 at the Penmann head office in Otley.

How did YTL help?

Penmann engineers are often working onsite and mostly use their mobile phones.  The new VoIP system provides the ability to transfer incoming office calls directly to the relevant engineer working remotely via a one-touch shortcut button. This has improved the efficiency and speed of communication. This was highlighted as another benefit along with the fact that the calls and internet are billed from the same supplier on a single bill.


“The installation of our new telecom system and fibre upgrade went very smoothly and any small snagging issues were dealt with quickly and efficiently. We have also seen a considerable drop in our phone bills since the new phones were installed.”

Judith Lodge, Office Manager

Bespoke Acoustic Solutions

Bespoke Acoustic Solutions (BAS) are a leading UK manufacturer of quality, high-performance, cost effective Acoustic Louvres and Enclosures based in Worsley Manchester. They have worked on numerous projects, both large and small, through direct appointment with the end client and in association with acoustic consultants. All BAS products are manufactured in Britain and goods are procured from local suppliers.

Why did they need a new system?

BAS have been clients of Biscuit IT and Yorkshire Telecommunications since 2017. The company had a requirement to replace their Essex based IT supplier and wished to upgrade outdated laptops. Having an IT supplier based 4 hours away proved complicated and felt that they were not getting the IT support when required.
In addition to their IT requirements BAS needed to upgrade an outdated telecom system and required a broadband installation.

How did YTL help?

Biscuit IT were appointed to provide outsourced IT support and replacement laptops complete with Microsoft Office 365 package offering collaboration, scalability, and cost savings. Yorkshire Telecommunications were contacted to replace their outdated telecoms system to a new LIP920 and Cloud system.


YTL and Biscuit Marketing Manager Lee Pearson met with BAS Office Manager Debra Barlow recently to gain feedback on the replacement products and services supplied by Yorkshire Telecoms and Biscuit IT.
Debra stated that it was a pleasure to work with companies who provided excellent service and were so reactive to sorting out any IT and telecoms issues quickly and efficiently.  
“When issues arise, and support is needed the team at Biscuit IT and YTL get in touch straight away and address issues speedily.  The service has been excellent.”


Keycare have been providing locksmith services in the UK for nearly 40 years. We worked with Keycare to implement a new phone system that could improve their workflow, improve their organisation and management of staff, and enable them to continue providing excellent customer service across the UK.

Why did they need a new system?

Keycare had limited knowledge of the types of calls they were receiving, along with the quantity of these calls, so installing a new phone system would allow Keycare to gain this key insight and improve their business workflow, being able to allocate resources more efficiently.

Keycare’s existing system also had limited reporting features available, making it difficult for them to analyse performance and build an even better customer service experience for their callers. Statistical analysis was difficult and time-consuming on their old system, and a new phone system would save them time and provide greater insight for their staff.

How did YTL help?

We implemented an Ericsson-LG iPECS solution for Keycare, as this would allow them to manage much of the system in-house, removing the time-consuming nature of relying on 3rd parties for maintenance and changes. Keycare had over 70 different phone numbers, each requiring different greetings, call flows and statistical analysis. The iPECS system was able to handle all of these different settings and numbers, allowing Keycare to manage all of their call flows efficiently and reliably.

We also installed a ContactQ system that would allow Keycare to better manage and report on their calls, solving their issue with statistical analysis and allowing them to improve customer experiences. With the benefits of ContactQ, Keycare were able to understand why and when customers are likely to call and have been able to adapt processes and procedures to answer calls and queries quickly and efficiently.


By prioritising agents with specific skill sets, Keycare has been able to improve efficiency in their contact centre, making sure calls are directed to the correct agents. Having a more efficient contact centre has meant that Keycare has been able to improve the experience they offer to customers.

Callers to Keycare often need urgently attending to, needing a locksmith to solve problems that can often be distressing and time-sensitive. Being able to handle calls from these customers quickly and with a very high level of service means Keycare can reassure customers, understand their situation and help them in the best way possible.

Sheffield United

We worked with professional football club, Sheffield United, based in Sheffield, South Yorkshire, to upgrade their old phone system in order to find a new, more cost effective and feature-rich solution that could handle incoming calls from fans, internal communications and also facilitate calls to suppliers and partnering organisations.

Why did they need a new system?

Following their departure from a communications system shared with and housed in a nearby business centre, Sheffield United needed to find a new communications solution which enabled all staff to be contactable around their large site. Due to the club taking calls from fans, their new system needed to be able to efficiently handle a high volume of calls, particularly in peak times as this was determined as vital to maintaining and increasing club support and business growth.

Call monitoring software was also required in order to improve customer service and for training purposes. 

How did YTL help?

We recommended the iPECS UCP 600 as this system enables the club to answer calls more efficiently and importantly, report on performance. Receiving calls during peak times would also be more efficient as when more calls are coming through, more lines are easily added to answer them. The system also connects Sheffield United’s main site at Bramall Lane to their training ground in Shirecliffe. Over 20 IP handsets are used at the training ground with no compromise on sound quality or features.

Sheffield United’s staff are connected across the sites over WiFi, using Ericsson-LG’s mobile application.
A desktop reception console enables the management of a high volume of calls, therefore aiding the club in delivering better customer service. The call centre solution provided also includes features such as real-time reporting, dashboard, analytics and performance metrics.


The introduction of the new phone system has transformed the way in which the club’s staff communicate across their main site and the training ground by streamlining communications and increasing call coverage. Updating their former hosted system to an iPECS UCP onsite system has significantly improved communications, both internally and externally. Reporting tools offered by the system also helps the club’s management team to gain much clearer insight into how the business is performing and where improvements can be made.
A stronger, more efficient system has also empowered Sheffield United’s staff to work more productively, particularly during peak times, as well as motivating them to take a more proactive approach in how they work, leading to direct improvements in customer feedback and sales.

RNB Group

Leeds-based RNB Group is a growing, successful business that specialise in marketing fulfillment. We worked together with RNB Group to implement a new IT system that would help them to meet the diverse and changing needs of their wide portfolio of clients while continuing to meet the highest expectations of turn around quality and price.

Why did they need a new system?

As RNB group continue to grow, the volume of processes that they need to complete daily has increased. This left their old system with limited scope and flexibility. They were also left with increased storage, backup retrieval and disaster recovery needs that could not be met by their old system. RNB Group needed a new, flexible and scalable system that would help them grow and continue to provide excellent services to their clients. They also needed a system capable of facilitating a VoIP phone system, video calling, and various other business internet needs.

How did YTL help?

We worked with RNB Group to implement a new server including two virtual machines that would allow RNB to be more flexible in their processes, giving them the scope to expand without the need for new hardware. We also installed and configured new network-attached storage, giving them flexible and reliable storage that would be able to meet their business needs as they grow. To complement this new system, we helped RNB Group to navigate the complex area of business broadband. Handling procurement for them and helping to implement a fast, reliable package that would work in conjunction with their new system.


RNB’s new server has added flexibility and scope to their day to day processes. Allowing them to continue meeting the high standards they’ve set for the services they provide. Their new system has also allowed RNB to better use their existing hardware, keeping costs to a minimum while still allowing them to expand. RNB’s new system has also enabled them to better test and implement updates without having a negative impact on their live services.


Texfelt was established 25 years ago and is a 4th generation family run Yorkshire business. The company upcycles single-use plastics and textile waste to create innovative comfort products.

Why did they need a new system?

Yorkshire Telecommunications approached Texfelt five years ago in a review of its business telecoms systems. Since the initial discussions in 2014, YTL has provided several products and services to the company and built a solid working relationship.

How did YTL help?

Over the past five years, YTL has overhauled Texfelt’s communications. initially we provided an intercompany 3CX VoIP system to allow the business improved flexibility and better communication between various sites and remote users. This work also included the supply and installation of fibre broadband and SIP trunks.


“Phil and the YTL team have always provided our business with sound and practical sales advice and quick after-sales service and support. I would happily recommend them to any business in need of phone systems and IT support in the future.”

James Taylor, Managing Director

First Choice Recruitment

Yorkshire Telecom (YTL) has been providing business telecoms, mobile and ADSL products, and services to Wakefield-based recruitment agency First Choice Recruitment since 2014.

We worked together with First Choice Recruitment to implement telephony systems that would provide their clients with efficient service.

Why did they need a new system?

Owner Andy Turner stated that it is important for his company to work with a supplier who keeps abreast with modern technology, has their finger on the pulse, offers competitive rates and maintains a good after-sales service. With customer service being key it is important to have the right equipment to provide the best service.

How did YTL help?

Having a solid working relationship with YTL means that they understand the companies needs and can start to recommend products best suited to their business, therefore, making them more efficient and helping to save costs. These aspects cement a business relationship. Digital transformation can be tricky and at times does not always run smoothly. Having a local supplier also means that if any issues arise the response times are a lot faster.


“We have been working with YTL for the past 5 years and although we have had the occasional systems issue, it’s the speed of reaction and the personal nature of the team that makes sure inevitable ‘bumps in the road’ are dealt with as soon as is earthly possible. At First Choice, we are strong believers in always (wherever possible and assuming the offering is comparable) ‘buying local’ – there can’t be a better example of our Telephony partners who always make us feel that we’re their only client! Why would we go somewhere else?”  

Andy Turner, Owner

The Wensleydale Hotel

The Wensleydale Hotel & Tack Room Restaurant is located in the centre of the historic market town of Middleham.

It is owned by husband and wife team Charles and Fiona Merchie who bought the property in April 2019 with the aim of creating a small continental style boutique Hotel. The hotel was well in known as The White Swan for 18 years. The couple decided to rebrand the hotel and renamed it The Wensleydale Hotel in keeping with the traditional surrounds of the town.

Why did they need a new system?

The property had a slow broadband connection which was only suited to receive E-mails and certainly was not fast enough to stream movies.  The router was located some distance from the rooms which affected the signal quality.

Initially there was only a single telephone based in the back room of the hotel some distance from the main reception desk.  This meant that the owners had to run back and forth between the back room and reception desk to answer calls and see to customers at the front reception area. When using their mobile phones, the signal was poor in some areas. In addition to the upgrade of their telephone systems a computer system upgrade and fast broadband line was required.

How did YTL help?

A replacement digital LG Ericsson IPECS system was installed by Yorkshire Telecoms along with 14 handsets for each of the rooms. The new system offered efficiency and massive cost savings. Charles stated that “the cost of the new install and equipment meant that it would be paid off in two years with a saving of two thirds on their telephone bills going forward, which was a lucrative offer”. Having YTL as a supplier meant that the owners were able to integrate other technologies like business mobile phones, Wi Fi and computer equipment and services onto one single bill. Charles stated that “it was a pleasure to have a modern updated telecoms system and range of products with one supplier rather than working with procurement companies to get the best price”.


Telecom systems evolve very quickly. Outdated systems have no one to service them or a maintenance plan which render them useless. If you do not have all the lines and functionality you cannot operate a business. In the hotel industry having a quality telephone system is imperative. It is a convenience that is taken for granted however, when your business faces challenges or when it does not work correctly, you realise what an important part of business it is.