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Business phone systems for professionals – 5 frequently asked questions

At YTL we know a business phone system must do the basics right first and foremost. The vast majority of customers who come to us looking for a new VoIP business phone system are doing so because their existing service no longer meets their basic needs. This could be down to poor call quality, unreliable connections, or missing features like support for multi-site businesses.

Our phone systems for professional services are catered to meet these needs while providing a range of useful extra features. We know businesses in this sector have enough on their plates, so we use technology to take the load off. In today’s blog we’ll discuss 5 frequently asked questions from professional services teams.

What is call reporting?

When the phone rings in your office, are you sure it will be answered 100% of the time? Or if it is answered, what happens when a second or third call comes in? We know some businesses will have dedicated departments handling calls, but many won’t have that level of resource.

This is where our call reporting service shines. Firstly, you can quickly check this service to see if calls have been missed, allowing for quick follow-ups. This also allows you to see your call queue in real-time, and redirect calls to other members of your team if needed. For highly competitive industries like estate agents, customers won’t wait on-hold for long. You need to be able to handle their calls efficiently.

Finally, call reporting allows you to make long-term improvements to your operation. We’ll send reports on a regular basis, allowing you to see where your busiest times of day are.

How to use on-hold messaging?

As we mentioned previously, callers looking for support from a professional services business typically won’t wait in a call queue for long. There are ways to keep them around until you’re ready though. One of these is by creating engaging on-hold messages.

How do you greet your customers when they call in? At YTL, we know we can give most callers a friendly Yorkshire welcome over the phone, but not every call will go straight to a member of the team. That’s why we have custom on-hold marketing that greets callers and gives them some helpful information.

For professional services teams we recommend tailoring your on-hold messaging to include your latest offers or added info about your opening times. We can also advise on how to integrate messaging into your call queueing service, letting customers know their place in the queue.

How to use video conferencing professionally?

During the height of the pandemic, we all turned to a new way of maintaining a direct face-to-face connection with our customers. Now, love them or hate them, video conferences are here to stay. Professional teams can use them to save time, develop customer relationships and provide better support.

For sales teams especially, we’ve seen video conferencing create an experience that blurs the lines between traditional and telesales. Sales staff can use video conferences to introduce the business to clients, guide them through demos and even provide aftercare. It’s not as impersonal as a phone call and is also much faster than driving around the country wining and dining clients.

Of course, video conferencing is just as valuable a tool for collaborating within a team. It’s included within our UC Cloud phone system, allowing you to host conferences with every contact on your phone system.

How to create a hybrid office?

In the 25 years that we’ve been providing communications services to professional services businesses, the hybrid working revolution has been the biggest change. Adapting to it requires businesses to be organised, efficient and have some great technology supporting them.

If you have fluctuating numbers in the office, it’s worth checking that your internet connection is strong enough to support them. We use more devices than ever for work. And when staff are bringing in multiple personal devices, it can cause a serious drain on your connection. The rise of video conferences has only accelerated the need for a high-quality service. At YTL we can offer cost-effective fibre all the way up to ultra-fast leased lines.

How to keep communications secure?

With business communications being accessible from a range of different locations, you need to be sure that everyone is working safely. That’s why all our communication services include helpful security features.

This includes our mobile service, which includes MDM software (mobile device management) that allows you to remotely wipe a mobile device if it is lost or stolen.

Our most popular phone systems for teams in the professional services are cloud-based. We host these systems in secure data centres, protecting them from cyber-criminals and also from any local outages in your area.

For more information visit our website or get in touch to receive a full feature list or demo. You can reach us here at YTL on 01924 249 499.