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YTL Mobile is here to help your business stay in touch on the go. At YTL we can offer you specialist advice about finding the best service provider for you. We can also build you a complete and cost-effective solution, combining the latest mobiles, tablets and integrated call systems to create a unique communications infrastructure that is tailored to your team’s needs. We have 30 years of mobile experience, so speak to our team and find out how to embrace mobile technology in a sustainable way.

Flexible Contracts

We have good working relationships with the top mobile providers in the country, this means we can work independently to make sure that you are always getting the best deal in your area. Our tariffs are reviewed every 6 months by industry experts to make sure you are always getting a great service.

All of our mobile solutions integrate easily into the rest of your communications portfolio, providing a simple way to take all of your calls, messages and more with you on the go.


Our mobile solutions are designed to integrate with the services that your business already uses. From calls, to video conferences and chat functionality, your team can now truly work at their best in the go. You can tailor your mobile solution to suit your team, so no gaps are left.

Our specialists will help you to find a system that fits within your team’s budget and requirements.

Latest Handsets

From the latest iPhones to robust and reliable Android phones, we offer a variety of systems that can fit any role within your team. Whether you need an executive model that comes bursting with features for collaboration, or a workhorse model that can support your whole team on the go. We only offer handsets that we deem to be truly reliable and effective.

If you the models you are after, or need some more guidance, our team are happy to run through the process with you so you are fully informed about your new mobile solution.

Why Choose YTL?

We have 30 years of experience in the mobile industry, so we’ve seen the advancements that this technology has made and exactly where it can impact businesses. We are Network agnostic, meaning we can build your business a solution based around its needs, not what’s best for network providers. We provide you with a dedicated account manager who can guide you through the whole process.

The Benefits of Business Mobiles

Work on the Go

Answer calls, video conferences and more on the go using business mobiles, you can now reach customers and colleagues on the go, enabling a flexible way to work without sacrificing functionality.

Simple Integration

Your business mobiles work seamlessly alongside the rest of your communications portfolio, you can even take services such as UC Cloud on the go with dedicated mobile apps, discover a new way to work.

Keep Track of your Network

Our mobiles come with mobile device management software, this allows you to keep your colleagues and their data safe. If a device falls into the wrong hands or is lost, you can use this software to remotely protect your data.

Support your Team

Having a mobile solution available to your team is a fantastic way to bring more flexibility into their working lives. They can now work effectively wherever they are, boosting morale and productivity for your whole team.

Mobile Integrations

Even when working on your mobile, we offer integrations that allow your team to access all of their communication systems on the go. From calls, messages and video conferences to more specialist services, we’ve got you covered.

Connect to the Office

Even when you work remotely, you are still connected to your team. With our mobile solutions you can connect your mobile phone to your office system, meaning you can route calls straight from the office to your mobile, even keeping the same number.

It’s great to have an answerphone facility at last

“The team have been great! Really patient with us lot and happy to spend time explaining. It is great to have an answerphone facility at last. Thank you for all your help.” – Bramhall Blenkharn

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